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Outdoor Lighting Around the World

I’ve always liked looking at the architecture and landscaping of different areas, noticing the unique finishing details and plants that are used. Working in the corporate office of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives feeds into my interest because I get to see pictures for all of our franchisees’ jobs from all over. Not only is the architecture of the homes different, but also the way our lighting designers use our fixtures to create the perfect effect. What works in coastal cities in Florida is vastly different than what’s done in the desert terrain of Phoenix.

outdoor lighting kuwait
The differences between homes and landscaping illustrate how no outdoor lighting system can be the same as another. Every job is different and that’s why it is so important to have a trained outdoor lighting specialist design, install and maintain your outdoor lighting system instead of someone who doesn’t specialize in it. At OLP, each of our franchisees are trained on how to design the best systems for their area and are offered continued support to make sure their work is always the best it can be. You can see the level of attention to detail that is used when you look at our franchisees’ images.

Some of my favorite images come from OLP owner, Marwa, who provides outdoor lighting in Kuwait. The modern architecture is gorgeous and it truly shows the different outdoor applications that Marwa uses when compared to many of our other locations.

In the United States our most commonly used lighting fixtures are well lights and path lights. They are installed in the ground and, for many residential applications, are all that are needed. In Kuwait, those are not used nearly as often.

outdoor living kuwait
Because of the large amount of concrete used at the base of houses, integrated lights are installed to be level with the concrete are used instead of wall lights. They accomplish a similar effect, up lighting the side of the building. Up-lighting highlights the beautiful textures and colors of building that are lost at night. Additionally, Marwa and her team often use up-down lighting on the side of buildings (as opposed to in the ground) to create a similar effect.

LED lighting Kuwait
One of the techniques that OLP uses for their outdoor lighting systems in Kuwait that aren’t as popular in the states is LED rope lighting. Available in many different colors, rope lighting is a great option when highlighting the clean lines of a building or unique features like pools and built-in seating.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor lighting and how it can enhance your property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.