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Outdoor Commercial Lighting Boosts Business

I was in Maine this past weekend visiting my family for the holidays. Maine, for those that don’t know, is the state where America’s day begins. It also is the state where the sun goes down first. I hadn’t been up north in the winter for a few years and was quickly reminded how it starts getting dark at 3:30 in the afternoon. I was also reminded how important outdoor commercial lighting is.

Friday evening my brothers, husband and I decided to go out and meet some friends for a drink around 5pm. We went to a pub that we hadn’t been to before, but followed the directions we were given. After driving way too long on a particular street, I knew we had pasted our destination, so we turned around, and promptly passed it again. There were no lights on yet! If it wasn’t for our trusty iPhones, we never would have found it and would have gone somewhere else.

Commercial outdoor lighting is must for any business. Without it, customers can’t find you and will go spend their money elsewhere. There are two areas that have to be properly lit to be effective: the signage and the parking lot/walkways.

If the sign and name of your business is not easily seen, customers can’t find you. Some stores and restaurants have neon letters or signs that light up at night inviting patrons in. Others have signs that don’t light up and are hung either on the side of the building or our by the street, like the one seen above. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed a single flood light to illuminate the sign so that the restaurant is easily found. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the lights used depend on where the sign is. Here, we were able to install the fixture into the ground. In other applications, outdoor commercial fixtures may need to be placed on the building itself.

The second area that has to be lit is the parking lot/walkways. For safety purposes, it’s important that customers can see where they are going and stepping, especially in places where snow and ice may become a problem. I know I always feel better parking in areas that are well lit. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installs both parking lot lighting and path lighting for commercial properties. We work with our clients to understand the places on the property which are most traveled and make sure they are adequately lit.

commercial path lighting lamps

If you have questions regarding commercial outdoor lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.