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Outdoor Patio Lighting

One of my friends and her husband recently had a new patio installed in their backyard. It’s big and beautiful and has enough space to comfortably entertain family and friends. They took the time to find the perfect pavers that would match some of their home’s existing features and were very happy with the results. Then the sun went down. As soon the sun goes down you can’t see much on their patio.

Outdoor patio lighting is an important addition to any patio. Not only does is allow you to use your outdoor living areas longer, but it also makes them safer. Take my friend for example. She has to walk across her patio every night from her car to her back door when she gets home from work. With it getting dark at 5pm, it’s hard to see where she is stepping. She just hopes her dogs didn’t leave their toys in her path.

There are several options when it comes to outdoor patio lighting. The first is the path light. Path lights, depending on their size and shape, can cast large areas of light on an outdoor space. They can be installed around the edges of the patio illuminating large parts of it and showing visitors where the patio ends and the yard begins.

If a patio has railings or posts around it, deck lights can be installed. Deck lights are available in many sizes and throw the light downward on a space. Deck lights can also be used on some retaining walls that are part of a patio.

If your patio has any steps, your outdoor patio lighting should include step lights. Step lights ensure safe footing when going up and down stairs after dark.

For those patios that are too big just to have lighting around the perimeter of the space, spot lights may be needed. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we install our spot lights in the best place to minimize any glare that can occur. We don’t want anyone to be blinded by the light.

If you have questions regarding our outdoor patio lighting options, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.