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Create Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you took note of the wonderful atmosphere? What made you feel that way? Did you like the colors? Was the furniture appealing? How about the lighting? I realize that I may be a little biased, but I personally think good lighting plays a MAJOR role in creating a space where people want to spend time. Unfortunately, I also think that a lot of people don’t realize that lighting can help to create all sorts of different feelings both inside, and out.

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives often take note of different ways lighting is used in different places. Just like any other design piece, outdoor lighting has to fit the personality of the space. Otherwise, it may be a distraction. Can you imagine if fine dining restaurants had the same lighting as your dentist office? Would you ever go back?

Here’s a great example of how outdoor lighting can work well in a space. One of our team members just came back from a vacation to Mexico (I know, lucky her) and took the photo above (sorry, it’s only phone quality) of the outside of a restaurant. She noted that the illuminated light globes complemented the Mexican themed restaurant and the desert-like landscape beautifully. They enhanced the space, without taking away from all the other beautiful aspects.

statue lighting Another example is from our Norm Cohen, who provides outdoor lighting in northern New Jersey. One of his clients had this very whimsical statue in the picture to the left. The colors and movement are spectacular, but it was lost in the darkness of night. Norm was able to highlight the light to keep that whimsy 24 hours a day. Doesn’t it look awesome?

The last example I have is from the Dowlings of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island. They themselves have an amazing outdoor living space complete with a gorgeous pool and patio. It’s the perfect place to entertain outdoors. They enjoy having family and friends over in the backyard and added this cool LED lighting palm tree to enhance the space. It shows that this is a laid back, fun space to spend time. 

LED palm tree

It’s little outdoor lighting enhancements like these that can make spaces more interesting. When it comes to outdoor lighting options, there are endless options. Most people are familiar with the tiki torches and spotlights, but what about illuminated beverage coolers or lamps that you can leave outside? They exist, and help transform outdoor spaces from “blah” to “ah.”

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