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Christmas Lighting Crafts Anyone Can Do

If you have read this blog or know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives well, you know we take outdoor holiday lighting seriously. At my house, we are officially a week away until my holiday décor is all around the house, both indoors and out.

Light is a key component of the holidays. Fires in the fireplace, candles, string lights, they all add to the cozy warmth of the season. Growing up, my mother always did something different in our house for the holidays. She was always looking for new ways to provide the same festive feeling to the house. For those readers like my mother, here are some great holiday lighting crafts that are easy to do.

Tomato Cage Tree. Your tomatoes are probably done growing for the season, but hopefully you’ve saved the cage they grow around. What does that cage remind you of? A tree maybe? That’s right, if you flip the cage over with the widest part at the bottom, you have a great skeleton for a tree. There are two ways to finish it. The easiest route is to wrap string lights around the cage and plug it in. It will bring a bright spot to a room or to your front porch if you are looking for that perfect finishing touch. If you want it a little fuller, wrap garland around it first, then add lights.

christmas jar
Christmas Jars. I LOVE this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Take a clear mason jar or vase and put some greenery in it. I have a big holly bush on the side of my home that would work perfectly for this Christmas craft. Once you have an amount you like, throw in a handful or two of cranberries and fill with water until the berries are floating at the top. Place a white floating candle on top and it’s the perfect start to any holiday table. Isn’t the light with the shine of green and red beautiful?

Hanging Wishes. Think about the words of the season (joy, peace, cheer) and pick your favorite. Take cans or jars that you can paint (clear will work best). Paint the jar except for the letters of the word. So, if I was doing “joy” I would have three jars. One would have a J, the next O and the last one Y. Place string lights inside so the letters glow. If you are using cans, you may have to hammer out the letters.

Old Bulbs, New Display. Don’t throw out your old Christmas lights, especially if they are colored C9 bulbs. Put them in a bowl, vase, cup and they are an instant decoration.

christmas candle
Candles and Greenery. Decorating around the base of candles is an easy way to create a Christmas display. My first thought is to get some greenery (again, holly would be great) and pine cones for a natural look, but you could also place Christmas ornaments, ribbon or bells and still have a great result.

If you have questions regarding holiday lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.