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Lighting for your Outdoor Wedding or Special Event

Over the past three months several of my friends have gotten engaged, which means wedding planning has begun. One of my best friends decided to have her wedding at her parents’ house, outdoors in Maine. It is sure to be a beautiful event, but since it is will go into the night (I’ll have my dancing shoes on), we’ve been talking about ways to beautifully light the space to make sure all of her guests can clearly see where they are going.

When it comes to outdoor special event lighting, the possibilities are vast. The most important thing is to complement the lighting to the event. Here are some ideas to consider:

C9 lights. C9 string lights may often be associated with Christmas and the holiday season, but they can be used all year round. I love the idea of stringing lights along the ceiling of an event tent for some sparkle. String lights can also be wrapped around trees or hung along railings for visual interest while providing some much needed lighting. While a cool or warm white may be best for most weddings, you could do something more colorful and bright for birthday, holiday and anniversary parties.

Up lighting. Up-lighting on a tent or on the outside of a home can warm up an event. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, when we up light for a special event we use wireless well lights so your guests won’t trip on any wires. Colored gels can be placed under the lens cover to match your décor.

Path Lights. No one wants their guests to fall due to poor lighting at an event. Make sure all of the traveled paths (event to bathrooms, event space to cars, etc.) of your outdoor event are properly illuminated. We utilize wireless path lights for this because we can adjust the light spread to illuminated only the areas you want to and because they’re copper finish is beautiful and will enhance the look of your wedding or event.

colorful light globes

Light Globes. Light globes like these can be hung from trees, ceilings and more. They are available in so many colors that they are sure to complement the colors of your event. I love the romantic feel they provide without being distracting.

Custom special event lighting. Lights come in all shapes and sizes. If you have an idea for what you want your outdoor event to look like, ask a lighting designer. From stars and swans to palm trees and flags, special event lighting knows no boundaries and if the entire system is designed and installed properly, your outdoor wedding or special event is sure to shine!