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Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Moon Lighting

Two weeks ago I mentioned that we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives would like to highlight some of the different outdoor lighting techniques that we often use when designing a custom outdoor lighting system for our clients. For us, outdoor lighting is all about the design. If the design isn’t good, it’s lighting doesn’t look good either.

So what’s up today? Moon lighting.

Compared to other outdoor lighting techniques, moon lighting provides a much more subtle look as the light isn’t directly shined on a certain object, instead it is shined down through the branches and leaves of trees, mirroring the effects of the moon (hence the name). Moon lighting is great technique when it comes to projects that have a more natural feel, like a garden, golf course or backyard.

Many of our clients that end up with moon lighting don’t want the fixtures to be seen at all. Lighting fixtures, most commonly spotlights of varying sizes, are installed high up in the trees pointing downward. The wire can be run up the trunk of the trees and the fixtures can be drilled into the tree branches. The light beam shines downward through the branches, just like the light from the moon.

Because moon lighting is more difficult to install and maintain, we suggest using LED lamps in a warm white. LED lights last much longer than halogen or ceramic metal halide and when a tall ladder is needed to perform maintenance, LED lights will save the property owner a lot of money in maintenance costs.

If you have questions regarding different outdoor lighting techniques and what would work best for your property, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designer.