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Outdoor Lighting Techniques Bring Out the Best in Your Space

Outdoor lighting may sound simple, but truly great outdoor lighting is anything but simple. Going to a store, purchasing some lights and sticking them in the ground won’t give you the same gorgeous affect as a professionally designed outdoor lighting system.

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month, aiming to educate homeowners on the benefits of outdoor lighting. As Daylight Savings Time approaches the need for adequate lighting outside increases.

National Outdoor Lighting Month educates the homeowner not only on the benefits of outdoor lighting, but also some of the commonly used techniques. At OLP, all of our designers are trained in combining these techniques to create the best possible system to highlight the client’s home and property. So what are the techniques?

Spotlighting – used for lighting stand alone features like trees and fountains, spot lighting is a great way to make the object stand out.

Shadowing – Creating shadows on a retaining wall or privacy fence is a great way to show difference textures.

Pathway lighting – walkways and paths are the most travelled areas of your outdoor living space, and also the most likely place for someone to trip and fall on something. Pathway lighting illuminates the space so friends and family know where they are stepping.

Up lighting – Up lighting is the most commonly used lighting technique when it comes to front façade lighting. By shooting the light upward, it grazes the horizontal surfaces highlighting the textures and colors of the property.

Pool lighting – Lighting the areas around your pool (as well as any water features around it, like a waterfall) will extend the time the space can be used and will decrease the chance of someone falling in accidentally!

Deck lighting – Decks are expensive and it would be a shame to be forced inside on a nice night just because the sun went down. Deck lighting illuminates the area with lights installed on the deck railings.

Holiday lighting – At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are HUGE fans of outdoor holiday lighting. It makes your home look festive and cheerful at a time of year where it is all about friends and family getting together.

Event lighting – Event lighting is a must for any outdoor evening event. Whether it is a wedding, graduation party or other get-together, adding lighting will keep the party going longer and adds a special detail to the space.

More outdoor lighting information can be found on the National Outdoor Lighting Month website.