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October is National Outdoor Lighting Month

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a proud sponsor of National Outdoor Lighting Month! National Outdoor Lighting Month takes place in October and is focused on increasing awareness on the benefits outdoor lighting can make on your home’s safety, security and lifestyle.

October was chosen for the awareness month as nights get longer and days become shorter. The time change occurs on Sunday, November 3rd this year. As Rich Young of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team explains, “October was selected as the month for this campaign as Daylight Savings Time brings extended evening hours. The darkness really helps drive home the importance and benefit of outdoor lighting and the dramatic difference it can make.”

To help support the effort, was constructed for quick information on benefits of outdoor living. The dedicated page explains why people should consider outdoor lighting, illustrates the difference lighting can make through different outdoor lighting techniques, highlights the efforts’ partners and promotes a free guide for visitors.

From solar lighting to LED landscape lighting, there are numerous types of outdoor lighting. Over the years, we’ve seen bad design, installation issues and the wrong fixtures used in systems put in by the homeowner. When investing in outdoor lighting, using a professional outdoor lighting company will give you the best results. Available on, the free guide provides tips from the pros on design, products, installation and service.

Outdoor lighting design is the key to making your property look great. It’s centered on the idea of using the right fixtures in the correct places. Our motto is “it’s about the effect, not the lights” and to that point less is definitely more. If too many light fixtures are used in a particular space, we call this over lamping; it can wash out your home and landscaping instead of enhancing it. A good outdoor design is developed with the clients’ goals in mind.

Even though lighting is about the effect, which products are used is important. For us, we used solid copper and brass fixtures that are sure to last. Our transformers and timers are installed with each system so the clients’ worries over their lighting system are minimal.

Installation goes way beyond sticking some outdoor lights in the ground. A professional outdoor lighting company will install and check each light thoroughly before leaving your property. Your property should be treated respectfully and look as good as you left it. And lastly, the best outdoor lighting designers will come back soon after the installation as night for final adjustments.

Like many things around the home, an outdoor lighting system does require periodic maintenance. If your outdoor lighting company doesn’t offer maintenance plans, you’ll want to find someone to service your system.

If you have any questions National Outdoor Lighting Month, or outdoor lighting in general, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.