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Special Lighting for Special Places

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on being the experts in outdoor design. We use only the highest quality lighting fixtures, but more importantly, we know how to make an outdoor space look beautiful with light. It’s all about the design, and that isn’t just the standard path and well lights that we use.

kansas city client porch lighting

I shared this project a few weeks ago, but it’s a great example utilizing “special” lighting where the fixture becomes part of the space, not just its light. We have a client in Kansas City that has a beautiful covered porch that she uses for an outdoor dining room. While we could have used more standard outdoor lighting fixtures and shot them downward from the beams above, the designer thought that using an outdoor chandelier would make the space really feel like a dining room. The picture isn’t wonderful, but you can see how the space in anchored around the chandelier.

I must admit that I may has gasped a bit when I saw this next outdoor lighting project from Nashville, it is just so beautiful. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville was called out to a local winery to install some lighting. The property has some beautiful trees that the lighting designer really wanted to enhance, but not with up-lighting. Orb lighting was installed in the branches to create this romantic setting. Orb lighting is great in trees because the wires are hardly noticed at all giving the impression of floating lights. This winery (Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, TN) hosts many nighttime events on their property, ensuring these lights will be seen and admired. Personally, I would love to sit here, have a glass of wine and enjoy some music!

orb lighting for landscape

Weddings are another time that our outdoor lighting designers think beyond the obvious. Sure footing is important for any outdoor event, so we do use temporary lighting fixtures to illuminate any pathways that need some extra light. After the safety lighting is covered, it’s time for the fun lighting! Festoon lighting is gaining in popularity for many outdoor venues. Festoon lighting is an outdoor “string” light option. This is not the lighting you hang during the holidays! The bulbs are bigger and are much heavier. The bulbs themselves come in a variety of options, not only in color, but size and shape. Some clients prefer the soft white round bulbs while others want a more oblong blue light, making them great for weddings because they can be tailored to the events’ colors, themes and lighting needs. Imagine having that over some tables on a nice night, stunning!

While a lot of different lighting options are beautiful, make sure you talk to your outdoor lighting company about the quality of whatever they are installing on your property. Whether it is the standard path light, or festoon lighting, you want to make sure that the fixtures can stand up to whatever elements it may exposed to. Please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office to discuss different options for lighting up your favorite residential and commercial properties.