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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Helps Launch Online Magazine

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we aren’t only passionate about outdoor lighting, but outdoor living as a whole. That’s why we were thrilled to help launch a new online magazine:_ Loving Outdoor Living_.

Loving Outdoor Living is all about finding ways to enhance your outdoor living experiences. It offers information on outdoor living structures, tick and mosquito control, outdoor surface cleaning, fashion, food, and of course, outdoor lighting.

To download the premiere issues, please visit

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has always been dedicated to enriching the lives of its clients through the design, installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems. We take this goal seriously and achieve it through our design, quality, warranty and service.

A good design is what makes the lighting worth having. Sticking some lights in the ground or up in trees just doesn’t make the cut in our world. Design is about the affect of the light. At OLP, we have trained outdoor lighting designers that work with you to come up with the best system possible. We will ask you what you want the system to do and then we’ll design to accomplish it. Do you want a subtle light to on your deck and patio? OK. Do you want your house to stand out in the dark where passersby just say “Wow.” You got it.

It’s not difficult to find outdoor lighting fixtures, but not all lights are alike. If you want a lighting system that is dependable and long lasting, high-quality fixtures have to be used. Our fixtures are top of the line. They are solid copper or brass and have the latest lighting technologies. From LED to lighting control automation, we’ve got it covered.

If your lights don’t come with a warranty, they aren’t worth purchasing. A nice outdoor lighting system should have a warranty that covers all parts, the fixture, the bulbs, etc.

Lastly, our ongoing service and maintenance makes OLP different than the typical outdoor lighting company. We view our relationship with our clients as just that, a relationship. We don’t install the system and then forget about you. Our clients depend on us to come out to fix any issues, move fixtures if necessary, add on to the system and more. Whatever their outdoor lighting need, we’re there.

If you have any questions on outdoor lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.