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Increasing Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

I’m an HGTV nut. I love to watch all of the hints, tips, ideas and updates that the different shows give. One of my favorite shows is Curb Appeal where the team comes in and fixes up the front of the home over a few days. They will paint, build, plant etc. When it is all done, the house does look great, but I can’t help but think what a shame it is that the work can’t be appreciated at night.

Outdoor lighting is one way to increase your property’s curb appeal all year round so that your home and all the work you put into it can be admired. Lighting is especially important this time of year when it is dark so early and homes and pathways are easily seen.

Here are a few examples of great curb appeal lighting.

The above photo of outdoor lighting in Denver is a great example of utilizing strategically placed lighting fixtures to highlight the best details of the home. This house is architecturally interesting and it has some great landscaping to match. In the bottom party of the picture you can see the two path lights at the base of the walkway. Not only will they provide sufficient lighting for guests, but they also illuminate the surrounding landscaping beds bringing pops of color to the home. Up lighting was also used to wash the front façade with light to bring out the beautiful stone texture and at the base of the portico columns showing off the beautiful wood beams.

This home has a completely different look and feel from my first example. Its height is something that needed to be lit for added curb appeal. Our up lights were able to light from the stone base of the home up to the top beautifully, making it stand out against the darkness. The house has mostly modern lines that pop with architectural lighting. The home also had some palm trees that were lit to make the space more inviting. A good lighting designer won’t forget about the landscape and its role in curb appeal.

palm tree curb appeal

Classic architecture, like this white brick home, can also take advantage of some additional lighting. The way to increase curb appeal is to create an outdoor lighting design that doesn’t miss any parts of the home. For instance, the small walk-through space between the main part of the home and garage could have easily been forgotten in the lighting design, but it would have looked disjointed. The even lighting across the entire spaces make it look warm and beautiful against the dark sky.

classic home lighting

If you are interested in increasing the curb appeal of your home with architectural and landscape lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.