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4 Unique Pathway Lighting Designs We Love

There is no better way to add some beauty to your pathways than an energy-efficient lighting display! While designing your dream outdoor lighting display for your property, it can be easy to forget that pathway lighting is a key feature of your property. Pathway lighting is an essential part of your outdoor lighting system that provides a safely well-lit space to walk in, so why not add some beauty to your most traversed areas of your outdoors? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create beautiful pathway lighting designs that adds that extra touch of warmth and security to your outdoor walkways. Here are 4 pathway lighting designs we love and think you may love, too.

  1. Keep It Classic
  • Going with a simple but classic design can be the best design – there’s a reason it never goes out of style! If you’re more into a subtle, timeless design but want to show off the lighting fixtures, you may want to think about using out classic brass path light fixture that illuminates your pathway with a warm white LED bulb. It casts the perfect amount of light so you can walk safely at night while still grabbing the attention of your visitors!

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  1. Create Art with Light
  • Really “wow” your guests and visitors with an outdoor lighting display that adds character to your pathways! These beautiful decorative bollard fixtures bring a unique touch to your lighting display with gorgeous patterns and shapes that cast a decorative shadow along your pathways. This is an elegant lighting design you will love for years to come! Plus, your home will immediately become the envy of the neighborhood!

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  1. “Wow” Factor Wall Lights
  • Do you have retaining walls surrounding your sidewalk or driveway and think lighting isn’t really an option? Think again! With custom wall-mounted outdoor lighting, you can walk around safely at night with a perfect amount of glow casting on your walkway! This lighting design is perfect if you aren’t a fan of landscape lighting or don’t have the landscape to accommodate landscape lighting fixtures. They will perfectly blend into your retaining walls and won’t be noticed during the day.

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  1. A Heavenly Stairway
  • Traversing stairs at night can be dangerous without lighting! Adding stair lighting will not only allow you to step with confidence, but it makes an otherwise simple staircase into a work of art. Adding lighting to the stairs leading up to your patio or house gives your home a luxurious feel at night. Also, if you have a pool and have stairs leading up to that area, this adds the perfect ambiance for night swimming!

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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are experts at ensuring your property looks its best at night with pathway lighting! We hope you are inspired by some of these unique pathway lighting designs for your own pathways.

Ready to illuminate your pathways and would like to schedule a design consultation? Find your location today to get started.