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Why Turtle Safe Lighting Is Important

We all love going to the beach and enjoying all the relaxation it brings us, but there is a lot of wildlife that calls the beach their home. One of those inhabitants you may run into are sea turtle nests! Young sea turtles are very vulnerable when they hatch because there are so many factors that could harm them; one of the main harmful contributors comes from lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, that's why when we’re doing a beachside lighting project, we use the proper lighting fixtures and bulbs to ensure the turtles' safety.

As stated above, light is a huge contributor in harming young sea turtles. Bright LED lights affects light pollution, which is harmful to animals and the environment, and they also mimic the natural light that comes from the moon. You’re probably wondering - how an LED light in a parking lot or outside of someone’s house can mimic the moon? Well, many animals use moon light as a directional guide. When baby turtles hatch, they will follow the moon light out to the ocean to reach their final home. So, since white LED lights are so bright, baby turtles may follow that light mistaking it for the moon and wind up in a parking lot or in somebody’s backyard in harm’s way. That’s why having turtle-safe lighting is so important.

So how exactly does OLP help? We use different types of lighting fixtures and bulb colors that avoid mimicking moonlight. They are designed to reduce the amount of light emitted into the surrounding environment, so light pollution will decrease. Below are a couple of examples of lighting fixtures that are safe for beachside getaways to help protect local wildlife.

The Sarasota Light:

At OLP, our Sarasota Path Light is hooded and great to reduce light pollution, especially when you insert a wildlife-safe bulb that emits a warm red glow.

deck lighting

Colored Dock and Deck Lights:

Our deck lights perfectly light up your deck so you can walk safely at night, but these deck lights are also safe for turtles because they have a cover over the bulb. You can replace the blub to have that red, warm light that won’t distract the turtles.

Pretty much any lighting fixture that has a hood or cover over a bulb with warm light are considered turtle safe, but it’s important to choose high-quality fixtures that can withstand the waterside elements. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we will recommend different turtle-safe lighting options that will work well for your custom design while also protecting the animals that inhabit the beach.

Taking the steps to protect turtles will help ensure their survival and still give you a beautiful lighting display that you will love. If you go to the beach often or live right by the beach and are looking for an outdoor lighting company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to help ensure you get the proper lighting for your beachside getaway.

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