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The Latest in Outdoor Lighting: Permanent Roofline Lighting

You may have seen this on your neighbor’s house or a nearby restaurant or commercial business. Permanent roofline lighting, also known as permanent holiday lighting, has been the latest trend in 2022 and we expect it to continue for years to come.

This innovative track lighting can light up your home or business every night of the year. With an easy to use app, there are millions of color combinations to choose from so you can make your property festive for not only Christmas, but for any other holiday or special occasion throughout the year.

Here are some of the key benefits of permanent roofline lighting:

1. Millions of colors and animations

Permanent roofline lighting has a track of individual lights which allows you to control the color of each diode individually. This means you can have all kinds of color combinations from candy cane for Christmas, purple and orange for Halloween, or even red, white and blue for Fourth of July. Once you determine the color combination that you want, you can choose for it to be static, or you can add a fun animation to make the colors dance across your roofline!

Gemstone permanent holiday lighting installation by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

2. Controlled from an app

What’s better than being able to control all of this from your phone? Each color combination can be created and scheduled from an app on your phone. You can even set a schedule so the lights come on and turn off when you want them to, and you can even schedule certain colors for certain days of the year.

3. Waterproof & UV-protected

This innovative LED track lighting will not only last for over 50,000 hours due to the LED technology, but the track is also waterproof so it won’t be affected by the elements. The lamps on the track are also UV-protected so they will run efficiently and effectively.

Gemstone permanent holiday lighting installation by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

4. Invisible during the day

One of the greatest benefits of these lights is that they are virtually invisible during the day. The track is installed under the soffit of your home or business, so you have the same beautiful curb appeal day and night.

5. No more ladders!

Tired of getting up and down a ladder to put your holiday lights each year? Permanent holiday lighting solves this problem, and provides year-round enjoyment!

Why permanent holiday lighting is the best holiday lighting option

Want to see a real-life example? Check out the installation on this church in our Reno-Lake Tahoe location:

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