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Say “I Do” To San Antonio Outdoor Wedding and Special Event Lighting!

We pride ourselves in being the San Antonio and Hill Country area’s premiere provider of special event lighting, including wedding lighting, family reunions and temporary lighting installations for both indoor and outdoor parties and events. We offer both permanent and temporary outdoor lighting applications designed for special events. Whether you choose an indoor venue or an outdoor venue our special event lighting will ensure your special day is memorable.

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Our large selection of fixtures, including festival decorative lighting and LED lighting combined with our experience in utilizing unique lighting techniques enabling us to create an atmosphere that embraces beautiful beginnings, memorable milestones and happily-ever-afters!

Benefits of San Antonio Special Event Lighting

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That’s right – Our customers tell us time and time again how much functional space lighting will reveal. “It’s like that part of my yard didn’t existing at night because it’s not lit up at night”. For an outdoor party, this is an important benefit. You don’t want your guests on top of each other when there’s plenty of room just begging for illumination. Proper lighting can really open up that area for use and allow guests to “spread out in the space” comfortably. Consider an outdoor event under a tent. If only the tented area is illuminated, everyone will stay under the tent. But, perhaps there’s adjacent functional landscape area or even a gazebo or patio which could double as a dance floor. Lighting extended areas within your landscape will encourage guests to use the areas beyond your primary location adding space to your event location.


Safety is always an important consideration when hosting an outdoor event, especially in the evening. Outdoor areas can hold numerous pitfalls that can make sure footing difficult. Then, add the darkness of night, and high heel shoes to the equation and without proper lighting, you have a recipe for disaster! With proper lighting, traversing uneven lawns, gravel paths and bumpy surfaces such as a cobbled walkway (even in heels) can be made safe. Proper illumination of the entry path and the party will enhance the safety and ultimate enjoyment of all your guests in the evening. Lighting will ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

newlyweds enjoying their first dance


Proper lighting will help you get the most success from photography. Maybe you haven’t considered the impact a darkened venue or landscape will have on the quality of your wedding or special event photography. The fact is, lighting can dramatically impact the quality of the pictures you will hold dear for an entire lifetime. Good outdoor lighting renders colors and images in a way similar to how they are seen during the day. If it’s a wedding, or family reunion imagine the difference between outdoor evening photos with good illumination and without. Our special event lighting will allow you to capture all of the moments that will turn into memories.

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