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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North is the areas only choice for residential, commercial, hospitality, holiday, special event and decorative outdoor lighting — tried and true. With this in mind, nearly all the outdoor lighting installations we perform use LED outdoor lighting. This is because LED in the outdoor lighting genre has become very popular for several reasons.

Until recently, LED lights were considered unsuitable for outdoor lighting applications. This is based on the stark white or blue color and lack of directional capabilities making the installations look substandard. Although plenty of older-technology LED lights are still sold today, new, technologically advanced LED outdoor lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North are all we use in our timeless designs–and they solve all the performance problems of the older model LED lighting.

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We offer the most cutting-edge outdoor lighting technology on the market. From the solid construction of our fixtures and our superior design expertise to our personable service. LED has become the gold standard among outdoor lighting providers. Today’s environmentally-friendly LED technology offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity. If you are considering a new system, or are on the fence about retrofitting your existing halogen outdoor lighting system, consider the LED advantages:

Architectural lighting


Our LED lights deliver brighter lighting than traditional incandescent bulbs, even when you are illuminating large outdoor spaces. LED bulbs are 75% more energy efficient than incandescent lights and they last up to 15 times longer.


LEDs can significantly increase the value and curb appeal of your San Antonio or Hill Country home. Using LED landscape lighting in the form of free-standing lamp posts, security lights, and wall-mounted lamps can provide inviting illumination and sophisticated style. Today’s expanded LED options give off a softer and more subdued effect, while also emphasizing the texture and design of a grand doorway or other architectural feature of your home.


For most LED outdoor light fixtures, once the LED surpasses its useful life, you have to discard the entire fixture and install another. However, Our LEDs are replaceable within our fixtures. If you need to change the LED–or decide you need a broader or narrower light beam–you simply switch the “bulb”, not the entire fixture.

Architectural lighting


Two more reasons to choose our LED’s are the cost savings and green benefits from creating less environmental impact.Our LEDs are much more energy-efficient, saving you up to 80% on your energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

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