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Bring the Elegance of Your Shavano Park Home Out of the Darkness!

If your Shavano Park, Texas, home is a showplace inside and out, but you don’t have professional outdoor lighting installed, we have one question: Why not? We suggest homeowners look at outdoor lighting in two ways:

  • First, consider the practical issues of security and safety.
  • Second, don’t underestimate the amazing aesthetics of professionally-designed and installed outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North can bring your home out of the shadows after dark. Let us elevate your surroundings to a new level of gorgeous every single evening!

Shavano Park, TX Outdoor Lighting for Security and Safety

To increase your security and safety, we can evaluate your property and recommend, design, and install solutions specific to your home. We will not set up bright floodlights at each entrance or corner of your house. Our custom lighting design will erase dark or shadowy areas where would-be intruders might try to hide. We also take note of any paths or walkways on your property and design a series of low, energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate them. We incorporate these security and safety measures seamlessly into our comprehensive lighting plan for your property. The safety of homeowners and their guests is a top priority of our work every day.

Architectural and Façade Lighting
in Shavano Park, TX

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful, inviting home. While you may think your home is beautiful enough and doesn’t need to be “enhanced” with outdoor lighting, what happens at night? Does your impressive home drop back into the shadows? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives transform your home with a nighttime elegance your neighbors will envy.

With architectural lighting, we take into account your home’s architectural style, its size and shape, and the special features that make it uniquely yours. Our skilled lighting designers will illuminate specific points on your home’s façade as well as shrubbery close to your home. This special form of exterior lighting accentuates your home’s most interesting features while adding depth and dimension to its appearance. Much of this illumination is subtle, but its overall effect will be quite stunning.

Shavano Park Texas Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting is just one part of a comprehensive lighting design, but it’s a big part! We love working with the lush, beautiful landscaping we find throughout the neighborhoods that make up Shavano Park. Landscape lighting is an art form using your night-darkened yard as our canvas, low-voltage light as our medium, and elegant lighting fixtures as our brushes. This special lighting accentuates the beauty of your landscape as the setting for your beautiful home. We believe your gardens, shrubs, and most beautiful trees should be celebrated! That’s what we’ll do for your property with your custom Shavano Park landscape lighting design.

Integrated Patio & Hardscape Lighting Installer in Shavano Park, Texas

The ideal time to design patio and hardscape lighting is when your hardscapes are first designed and installed. Coordinating with your hardscape company not only simplifies our lighting installation, it also allows us to integrate access to the wiring for future lighting maintenance needs. This perfect timing is not always realistic, we know, but we always design patio lighting to look like it was there all along, not an afterthought.

Patio lighting allows you to make the most of your leisure time outdoors. In fact, you’ll likely be amazed at how much more time you spend on the patio after you add outdoor lighting. Entertaining outdoors is easier with the right lighting, and you’ll love how much more you’ll enjoy your own parties.

Patio furniture

Lighting on the patio doesn’t need to create brightness, it just increases visibility and comfort while setting the ambiance you desire. We can also design task lighting for your outdoor kitchen or bar, and you’ll be able to turn it off and on as needed. We’ll help you get creative as you start to imagine the ways outdoor lighting can add functionality to your patio. Go BIG with temporary festive string lighting over the patio and into the yard for a special event. Or, create a party atmosphere outdoors any night of the week with permanent decorative string lighting for your patio.

Shavano Park, Texas Deck Lighting is Essential for Safety

While deck lighting can be just as effective as patio lighting – defining your space and increasing visibility and enjoyment – it’s even more important for safety. Let us add a series of tiny, unobtrusive lights to your deck stair risers, railing posts, and other key points on the deck. Subtle lighting additions will transform your deck after dark, making it more inviting and increasing the amount of time you’ll choose to spend there.

Shavano Park, TX Pool & Water Feature Lighting

Pool and surrounding area lighting

When you first see your pool area enhanced with custom pool lighting designed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North, you may feel you’ve been transported to another universe. It’s hard to describe the dreamy, other-worldly effect lighting has on the surface of pool.

Pool and surrounding area lighting

A nighttime swim may become your new favorite outdoor activity. In the pool area, we also incorporate landscape lighting in nearby foliage. Keeping your family’s safety in mind, we always look for spots that may benefit from path lighting. If you have fountains or waterfalls on your property, we can bring those to life at night as well.

Bringing the Best Commercial and Hospitality Lighting to Shavano Park, TX

Commercial building lighting

Is it time to refresh the outdoor lighting at your restaurant, café, or retail location? If you haven’t converted to energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting, we can answer any questions you have about technology changes in commercial outdoor lighting.

Let us bring your system up to date while making your establishment even more welcoming. We handle all aspects of commercial outdoor lighting with unmatched expertise.

Trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North to design, install and maintain the outdoor lighting at your Shavano Park property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call today at (210) 741-9017.

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