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Four Questions To Ask When Looking For An Outdoor Lighting Provider

Four Questions To Ask When Looking For An Outdoor Lighting Provider

Reputable outdoor lighting contractors are hard to find these days. Identifying one that will actually show up for an appointment, does what they promise, and then sticks with you for post-installation servicing is tricky.

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Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong residential outdoor lighting designer because it can cause years of future frustration. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North proudly does EXACTLY what we say we will do, and we back up every installation.

When interviewing a prospective outdoor lighting company, be sure to check references and ask them four key questions:


Homeowners should be wary of fly-by-night outdoor lighting companies that are jack of all trades! If they mow lawns, install patios, paint your home or do lawn pest treatments, they probably don’t have the expertise or experience to install quality outdoor lighting that will last.

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The ONLY thing we do at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is design, install, repair and maintain outdoor lighting in both residential, hospitality and commercial settings. Our staff is specifically trained in outdoor lighting design, installation and repair. We are licensed and bonded to install professional outdoor lighting to protect you and your home. We regularly partner with architects, builders, electricians and landscape designers selected by homeowners to complete their project(s) in tandem.


Of course! We can give you a sample taste of what specific up lighting, down lighting and other effects will have on your home or commercial locale. This will help give you an idea of what the overall feel will look like, and allow you to make changes BEFORE the scheduled installation. It ensures you are part of the process and will be pleased with the final outcome. It prevents surprises, and the demonstration is FREE!

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An evening demo gives you a sense of where you want to add illumination. We can bring shadowy areas out of the darkness, highlight a beautiful tree, add task lighting over an outdoor kitchen to help with grilling, etc. We can rectify any areas that you feel pose a challenge in the evening due to poor lighting and visibility. At your commercial business, we can draw attention to signage, add safety in the parking area, add café lighting to your outdoor dining patio and showcase your building.

If an outdoor lighting company can’t visually give you a sense of how your outdoor lighting will look onsite at your home or business—be concerned!


Ask your prospective outdoor lighting contractor to show you a selection of fixtures they install. If they use big-box store fixtures with cheap metals, thin wiring and flimsy transformers—you should look elsewhere. These inferior components simply won’t last beyond a few seasons.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North ONLY installs commercial grade LED all-metal fixtures that are made especially for us. Our Fixtures come with a lifetime warranty meaning you get a quality performance from our outdoor lighting fixtures without fear of fading, chipping and warping. We offer a variety of styles that are sure to be a match for your taste and fit your home’s architecture.

We use the thickest grade wire in the outdoor lighting business, and we offer sturdy transformers and convenient digital timers that you can even set on your mobile phone! All our fixtures are designed to give you years of service without headaches, and can easily be upgraded at any time.


We don’t just install—we service too! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio wants to be your outdoor lighting partner ongoing. We don’t just stick a few fixtures in the ground and move on. We are ready to service, repair and maintain EVERYTHING we install (AND that even includes what our competitors have installed).

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Once we get your home, property and landscape looking spectacular—we want to make sure you stay happy. As part of our process, we give all our residential and commercial clients a FREE 1-year Annual Maintenance Plan that you are able to re-purchase every year. If you have an issue or want to upgrade or alter your outdoor lighting at any time, just give us a call and we put you at the top of the service list. We promise we won’t disappear or give you the run-around after the installation. We have been servicing the San Antonio and Hill Country area for years. Just read our reviews to hear what our many satisfied clients have to say.

Don’t waste your time or money with mediocre professed lighting installers who don’t have a proven track record, training and references. Our professional outdoor lighting designers and installers do only ONE THING—design and install spectacular outdoor illumination that makes heads turn! We sit with you to get a sense of what you are trying to achieve with your outdoor lighting, and we keep working until you are satisfied. Let us turn your property into an elegant oasis that adds splendor, security and safety.

Get it right the first time by calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North to take care of all your outdoor lighting needs! Contact us (210) 741-9017 or email us for a free consultation or evening demonstration.