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Extend the Functionality and Beauty of Your San Antonio & Hill Country Water Feature Through Lighting!

Don’t miss the opportunity to add fabulous pool area lighting to your backyard oasis and take advantage of your swim time day and night. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North can help you add evening magic to your pool surround.

Pool and patio lighting

Any water feature can benefit from professional outdoor lighting. Ponds, waterfalls, spas and pools will gain a luxurious ambiance with the warm glow of professional illumination. A gentle wash of light against moving water adds an exotic and elegant touch to any backyard.

Pool and water feature

If you are thinking of having a pool built, we can work with your pool builder or patio installer to get your wiring in the ground prior to pouring concrete. Don’t worry if your pool already exists though! We can also come in after the fact and design and install the lighting later, too. Our high-quality fixtures can be cleverly placed anywhere you need them. We have many available styles that are sure to be a fit in your landscape. Modern, traditional or contemporary—we’ve got a style that fits your surroundings.

Backyard lighting

Our pool and water feature lighting designers artfully place gorgeous hidden or visible fixtures around your poolscape. We can highlight key features such as the textured stone on your waterfall and the pretty foliage. We can pinpoint light on a favorite ornamental tree or palm to make it leap out of the darkness. Best of all, a swim after the sun goes down or lounging on your pool deck at night will be no problem at all.

Outdoor lighting waterfalls

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North will light the pathways leading to your pool so you can get there safely on the darkest of nights. Your hot tub, waterslide and even your poolside bar can all be illuminated in a beautiful way so that you can increase use time thanks to good visibility. Even on a rainy or cold day, your pool will look gorgeous through your windows.

Pool Deck Lighting

Every corner of your pool can be lit with either white light or daring color. Don’t be afraid to add deep or bold hues around water. We can tone down the color for a stunning ethereal mood that lends itself to a romantic evening. We will pull your backyard together to meld your pool into your surroundings in a natural way. Your eye will travel from area to area with ease thanks to interesting pockets of highlighted areas. Flower beds, trees, pathways, decking and water will flow into one another in a dazzling way.

Our skilled designers and installers will use theatrical techniques. Downlighting creates a moonlit effect through the trees while uplighting to highlights a canopy of leaves. Your kids and pets will be safe thanks to ease of footing due to good lighting without a harsh glare. A larger pool deck can feature overhead café style lighting that’s perfect for throwing parties or al fresco dining outdoors. Let us give you a demonstration of what we can do!

Pool lighting

Contact us at (210) 876-1084 or email us to discuss why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and Hill Country is your local outdoor pool lighting designer and installer of choice. Let’s get your pool areas lit for every evening!