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San Antonio & Hill Country, TX, HOA Lighting Adds Benefits Beyond Just Good Looks

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio has been busy partnering with local HOA’s in our area to help them update community lighting. Shifting from old-school halogen lighting to more cost-efficient, lower wattage LED outdoor lighting is one of the most common requests we get, and we can understand why. Certain genres of outdoor lighting use an immense amount of power that affects the monthly bills harshly, they are dangerously hot and they are expensive to replace when they burn out. By contrast, LED’s produce almost no heat, are lower in wattage for the same output by almost 90%, and they are environmentally green because they output no harmful gases. They last much longer and are way cheaper to replace, too!

Lighting of signage

Believe it or not, HOA neighborhoods can actually save money over the long-term by updating their existing lighting scheme, and they can get a much better overall look for less. Now is the time to upgrade an older system that will illuminate your common and recreational areas, your community entry sign, and show off your clubhouse and give your entrance a grand feel.

Neighborhood entry lighting

We partner with HOA’s in the San Antonio and Hill Country, Texas, areas to not only install and update their outdoor landscape lighting but also to maintain them. We can oversee every part of your maintenance program so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Let us install a customized lighting system for your entry and common areas that adds immediate advantages for your homeowners beyond just aesthetics:

Common areas and pathway lighting

Add Character: A cohesive outdoor lighting plan gives HOA neighborhoods an inviting feel to homeowners and visitors. We can add a beautiful wash of light to your entryway gate, pillars, road medians and your signage that will provide a truly elegant vibe. We can spotlight the trees that line your community and make them glow at nightfall.

Save $$: Lower your costs by converting to LED fixtures and bulbs that reduce costs over their lifetime. Our stylish lights are made of all metal construction so they last for years to come, plus they can fit a modern, traditional or contemporary look to suit your needs.

Service Partners: Not only will we design, install or upgrade your lighting plan for your HOA, but we will also maintain it, too. As part of our Annual Maintenance Progam we will come out when necessary to replace bulbs, clip foliage back that may have grown over a light beam, bury any wires that may have re-surfaced, and we will keep your timer and transformer in tip-top shape. We will maintain ANY lighting system even if a competitor installed it! You enjoy your first year of annual maintenance free with your full-service outdoor lighting system installation. After the initial year, you may sign up for our continued Annual Maintenance Plan if you desire.

Outdoor and landscape lighting

Add Real Estate Value: In our business, we already know that a gorgeously lit neighborhood in the evening increases the value of all the houses in the subdivision collectively. Though your subdivision may have tons of appeal during the daytime when everything is easy to see, what happens when the entrance and homes sit in darkness? Change resident and visitor perceptions even at the darkest hour with an illumination plan that adds resale value regardless of the time of day or night.

Safety & Security: Good lighting is the cheapest way to add a sense of security and safety to any neighborhood because burglars normally shy away from communities that have planned illumination. Give your homeowners a feeling of safety when they stroll through the neighborhood in the evening walking their dogs or walking around with their children. We shoot targeted light into dim areas so your residents will feel secure as they navigate the common areas and sidewalks. Additionally, good lighting prevents trips and falls that can be a liability for an HOA; and it makes it easier for emergency squads and first responders to find your neighborhood sign and address marker easily no matter how dark it is.