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San Antonio Seasonal Special Event Lighting Makes The Moment Brighter!

It’s the season for outdoor celebrations, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North is ready to help you with your seasonal special event lighting. Graduations, weddings, family reunions and birthdays are on our calendar for stellar special event lighting in San Antonio and the Hill County!

Of course, we can handle all your outdoor lighting needs, but did you know that we also can augment your backyard and turn it into a celebration space, too? Whether it’s for one special evening, a weekend or even for the whole summer—our designers can come in and transform your outdoor space. Temporary or permanent, we can add festival-like pizazz to any evening. We can illuminate any indoor or outdoor venue, including a tent space.

Add spectacular and memorable appeal to your summer wedding thanks to gorgeously swagged overhead lighting. We can make it sparkle as if you are under the stars! Your guests will “ooh!” and “ah!” when they see the magic we can create through light. You can also take spectacular evening photographs thanks to the added backdrop provided by our special event lighting.

Our lighting isn’t just for beautiful looks, it also creates a sense of safety for your guests. Everyone can easily walk around your landscape and paths with ease thanks to increased visibility. If you are planning an evening fete, you definitely want to make sure family and friends can walk to every area safely.

Family reunions, holiday celebrations and anniversary parties are all fair game for temporary or permanent lighting. Your dance floor can feature overhead café lighting for all-night revelry. We can light walls, curtains, tablescapes, ceilings and whatever else you need to create a dreamlike mood. We can also illuminate the areas beyond your party tent to create a large expanse that guests can roam.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North can even add color lighting to create a wonderland of color throughout your venue. It’s super simple and economical to add flair with multi-hued evening lighting for drama.

Just think about how lighting actually acts like décor adding drama to your festivities in an elegant way. It’s a savvy way to “decorate” without actually having to buy pricey ornaments and decorations. We can come in and add temporary additional fixtures to any existing system for your special event and then remove them when the party is over. It’s no hassle!

Uplight and downlight any area of your landscape to make your wedding and graduation party-worthy. You might love the look so much, that you may choose to leave
it up permanently. We can light a barn, suspend luminous orbs from trees, and create a breathtaking gathering spot under a pergola. The possibilities are endless!