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Horse Friendly Outdoor Barn, Ranch and Equine Arena Lighting that Gives Your Hobby a Leg Up!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North understands how outdoor lighting can help a Texan’s love and passion for horses stretch well into the evening hours. We have worked on a number of equestrian lighting projects in the San Antonio and Hill Country area recently, and we are in the process of illuminating a working ranch for new clients. Where most outdoor lighting companies stick to garden and landscape lighting, we certainly don’t shy away from helping you tackle complex equine-related outdoor lighting installation projects with ease.

Texas Longhorn

If you own horses, we know that you want to be able to ride and work with them even at night. If you have a barn, horse stables, horse arena or an equine property of any kind, we are happy to help you illuminate any area you need so that you can enjoy and care for your animals even at night. We offer equine-friendly LED outdoor lighting fixtures that are made of commercial grade metal materials that will last for years without a hitch.

Well lit riding area

We can design and install outdoor lighting enabling you with the ability to work easily and provide safety and security for your horses and whoever is handling them. We can make all your tasks easier so you can check on your animals at any hour with lighting that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. We take the horses into consideration as well when implementing your lighting plan, so they are not disturbed or stressed by harsh light in their eyes.

Riding a horse Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North can help you light your paddocks, fencelines, viewing areas, and even around the barn. This will allow clear visibility to see the task at hand. Not only is LED outdoor lighting energy efficient, but it also produces little heat so your horses are always comfortable no matter what the season.

Whether you have a few horses in your backyard, or if you are a commercial equestrian business that is wanting to light show arenas for competitions for participants and spectators; we can illuminate any working area or station you need involving horses. We can add perimeter lighting to cast high intensity (but low wattage) light anywhere so that it almost feels like you are working in true daylight no matter what the hour. These tall lights are able to cast light on large areas of your property so you can work your horses or ride when you want without shadows.

LED lighting at horse facility

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North can bring illumination to all the areas of your property where light is needed—your home, landscape, and any areas that focus on your hobbies. We are ready to help you add lighting to a horse ring, a big ranch, your mini farm, or your gardens and driveway area — the choice is yours! Commercial and residential installations are what we do, and we can give you the light you need to enjoy whatever it is you want to do during the evening hours so you extend the time you get to spend having fun.

Do you have a unique hobby that requires professional outdoor lighting in the San Antonio area? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North help you prolong the time you get to enjoy those hobbies. Please Call us at (210) 741-9017 to learn more!