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Outdoor Lighting for Patio and Hardscapes Increases Usability and Beauty Beyond Measure

Enhancing a patio with LED outdoor lighting is all about the subtleties that the right fixture offers. The lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North employ special techniques to delight your eyes when it comes to illuminating patios. We can go grand with your outdoor patio lighting if your budget allows; or we can bring small effects that will make all the difference in how you use your back yard.


Outdoor lighting for patios that transforms how you entertain

We help homeowners avoid using fixtures that stand out in the wrong way and hamper good use of your patio. Placing outdoor lighting fixtures in the correct locations eliminates garish beams of light that shine in your eyes, for example. Equally, if you don’t illuminate the areas around your patio, it becomes difficult for guests to get from your home to your patio and reduces functionality.

string lighting for patio over yard

Lack of task lighting prevents homeowners from being able to see if their steak is properly done on the grill. It’s difficult to dine outdoors or host game night without proper overhead lighting above your patio. We can help you create a patio and hardscape lighting plan that pulls all the areas of your patio or deck together. The result will be an alluring patio outdoor lighting scheme that makes your outdoor living areas a true extension of your home and adds valuable square footage.

Outdoor lighting patio ideas with a purpose

Don’t ignore key areas in your landscape that brings drama to your evening. Casting an elegant wash of light on your patio walls visually adds depth and makes your patio or deck appear larger than it is. Lighting for patio steps increases the safety factor of your patio to avoid potential slips and falls. Patio step lighting helps guests navigate easily from the different levels of your garden to your patio with ease even on the darkest of nights.

path lighting for pool/patio

Enhancing lighting for your patio floor, walls and overhead increases the usability of your outdoor patio spaces. We strategically hang commercial grade permanent festival lighting over your patio which gives an elegant café feel. It makes it easy to host events with family and friends because it makes it easy to see, cook, dine and play outdoors without struggling to see. You don’t need harsh or overly bright patio lighting to create a stunning scene that feels similar to your indoor lighting. The right LED fixtures use very little wattage and create pools of light that is both practical and beautiful.

Draw your guests and family outdoors

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North believes that adding discreet or hidden fixtures surrounding the perimeter of your patio or deck makes it a focal point in your garden. It pulls your eye to your patio, the foliage around it, and your hardscapes. It becomes a visual delight whether you are inside your home or outside.

modern backyard lighting with table

Elegant outdoor patio lighting entices friends and family outdoors to share in valuable fun time. We spend lots of hours at work, at school and running around—let your patio bring your family together to make memories in a beautiful setting. We are happy to work with your hardscape and patio contractor to plan and install your patio lighting with their architectural plans before your patio is built. Or we can come in after and work around your existing outdoor living areas, too.

patio lighting with couches and chairs around fire pit

Let’s talk about your patio! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North for great patio lighting ideas that will change the way you entertain on your patio or deck. Contact us for a free consultation or evening demonstration.