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Deck lighting is essential for deck safety

Did you know that May is Deck Safety Month®? Even though this awareness effort is geared towards the structural integrity of decks, especially those that are beyond their typical usable life, we should also consider keeping our decks safe with deck lighting.

Outdoor deck lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio North, we receive many calls this time of year from folks with decks, who are looking to make their outdoor living spaces more usable with a custom deck lighting design. Folks are learning about the aesthetic appeal of deck lighting, but we are happy that they are also figuring out how much safer and more usable a deck becomes with a custom-tailored lighting design.

What are some essential elements of a deck that should be lit for safety?

Pool area lighting

Stair tread lighting: Stair tread lighting is one of the elements of deck lighting that might be most surprising to our clients, in that it makes such a dramatic difference in the way we traverse (or are finally able to traverse) our deck stairs after dark. If you have ever traipsed down a flight of deck stairs after dark, with only a back door light shining, you will know that the light usually doesn’t wash down to the dark confines of the steps. With stair tread lighting, you will be able to see each footfall safely from one step to the next – coming and going!

Deck lighting

Deck railing lighting & post lighting: Lighting your deck railing and railing post caps not only adds ambient perimeter lighting to your deck, but it will also help to make your deck super usable at dark. Railing lighting is an essential element of safely lighting a deck for much the same reason that stair tread lighting is. If your post caps and railing are lit, you will be able to visualize where the top of the railing is, so you can hold to it as you go up and down the deck stair in dark hours.

Deck surround lighting in the landscape: Deck safety is not just about being on the deck safely, but also maintaining safety in the areas of the yard surrounding the deck. By lighting the ground around the perimeter of your deck with landscape lighting, you can utilize the entire space, on and off the deck, at night. Deck surround lighting is also a great way to keep your backyard lit at night if you have a pet, who requires a potty break before bed. By lighting the landscaping and ground, your yard and deck become a collectively safe space!

Backyard lighting

Add fun and flair with overhead string lighting: Festival lighting, or LED string lighting has become very popular over the last few years for many outdoor spaces. Hanging these high-quality LED lights over the top of your deck, under a pergola, or loosely draping in swags, creates a beautiful aesthetic, and will illuminate your deck from above, wherever you hang them. Light one corner for an intimate affair or light the deck expanse for a summertime soiree! These lights are a fun way to offer temporary overhead lighting for any activity or affair on your deck at night.

Festive lighting
— Festive string lighting is great when used over patios, too!

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