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Asheville Landscape Lighting Adds Value To Your Home

Are you updating your home with the cautious consideration about adding value to for a future sale? You’ve probably googled half a dozen articles about “curb appeal” if you are. And Architectural Digest says you are headed in the right direction. According to the experts, any great real estate agent knows that more often than not, potential buyers have made up their mind about a house before they even walk through the front door. One of their top 5 value adding suggestions… landscape lighting and outdoor lighting.


Highlighting the already beautiful landscaping in front of your home with landscape lights is a natural progression. For your current enjoyment, extend the beauty around your entire property. Your home in Asheville probably has an amazing view of the Western NC mountains and skylines. However, if you are only enjoying it during the daytime you are letting so much of it’s beauty get away from you. Whether it’s your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen, the ambient glow from outdoor LED lighting will enhance your enjoyment, providing subtle and romantic back lighting. There is no reason to be forced indoors at sunset. Instead let your sunbathing turn to star gazing without any change in location.


These gorgeous visions are only one of the benefits of adding landscape lighting. The safety of an illuminated pathway adds great value to your home. Being able to see, step by step, as you make your way inside at dark after a long day may seem like a small thing. Yet when you are ready to let go of the stresses of the day, not having to be concerned with a potential fall or what may be lurking in the shadows, makes that relief come just a little faster. And if selling your home is a serious goal, keep in mind that every car that drives by your home could be a potential buyer. Which house is likely to catch their attention? The dark house that looks just like the last 10 they drove past or the front porch with the warmly lit rocking chair or porch swing that makes them wish they were coming home to it?

The possibilities of Asheville landscape lighting are endless. Knowing the effect you are interested in creating, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or for that “curb appeal” your realtor says you need, is a good place to start. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina we will make your vision a reality. Our LED landscape lights are top of the line and we will custom design your outdoor lighting needs and desires. Call today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration! (864) 475-9200