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Asheville Special Event Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding, Fundraiser or Summer Party

Summer is outdoor event season in Asheville. What would your special outdoor occasion be if it had to end when the sun sets over the Great Smoky Mountains? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C., we are pleased to offer special event outdoor lighting for all of your summer occasions. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, retirement party or annual family reunion, we’ll provide just the right temporary outdoor lighting to match your party atmosphere and give the guests a warm welcome to stay well into the night.

Landscape Lighting

With such a large selection of special event outdoor lighting, it is handy to 1. Have the outdoor lighting experts on your side and 2. Not have to buy the lights just for a single use. We offer temporary outdoor lighting design and installation to make your venue, home or yard a festive environment.


One of our favorite festive outdoor lighting fixtures is string lighting or café lighting. These classic lights can hang over a dance floor, a dining space or inside a wedding tent. When the sun sets and the café lights illuminate the space, you’ll enjoy a festive vibe that will encourage everyone to smile, dance and enjoy the party.

Couple Dancing


Because we provide permanent outdoor lighting for the Asheville area, we can offer something special for outdoor summer events. With our temporary path lighting and focal lighting, we can make your event venue a stunning nighttime display. Your guests will enjoy well-illuminated paths to and from the various areas of the venue. Up lighting will provide focus to unique fixtures around the property such as statuary, gazebos, trees, and arbors encouraging your guests to mingle around the entire space for a night they will never forget.

Special Events Lighting


Need something extra unique for your Asheville special event? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC offers a variety of specialty fixtures to match whatever your unique party theme might be. From light globes and moonlighting we can create a romantic, luxurious, eclectic or any other mood you’re planning. Our outdoor lighting designers will work with you to create a design that meets your unique event needs. With vast resources for light fixtures, we can find that unique item you have in mind but cannot find anywhere.

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