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Asheville Landscape Lighting: The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

It is quite common in the landscape design industry for landscape companies to offer landscape lighting as part of their services. While in many trades having a single company handle a large project from beginning to end is advisable, that is not the case for the best quality landscape lighting. When it comes to Asheville landscape lighting, there is a significant difference between what your landscaper is offering and what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference will look better, last longer and we’ll be here for you if you ever need us.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, each home and landscape provide us with a unique canvas for creating an illuminated work of art. We don’t have a standard set up or favorite package. Our landscape lighting systems are custom designed to create a gorgeous nighttime vision of your charming Asheville home and landscape.


Our LED landscape lighting fixtures are one of the most noticeable features that sets us apart from the competition. We offer only the best quality copper and brass landscape lights. The benefit of our lights is two-fold. One, they will blend into your landscape with gorgeous color and lovely weathering. Secondly, they are durable. Our lights can take the basic wear and tear expected in an outdoor environment. A bump from a lawn mower or a kid’s ball might shatter the plastic fixtures you may be more familiar with, but our copper and brass can withstand the elements, weather and human.


Our LED landscape lights are top of the line technology. While all LED lights are long lasting, ours feature a special system for lowering the heat produced, resulting in a longer bulb life. Another great feature of our LED landscape lighting is the ability to adjust the lighting results with different bulbs. This allows for great flexibility in lighting design as well as an easy replacement when an LED bulb does eventually fade away.


When you have landscape lighting designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, the completion of installation will not be the last you’ll hear from us. We are here for you for the life of your system. Should anything need adjusting, repairing or replacing – call us. (828) 373-6887 We are happy to provide you with regular service for keeping your system looking great, functioning great and even just replacing a bulb when it does eventually burn out.