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Spring in Asheville: Are Landscape Lights Included in Your Spring Landscape Renovation?

Spring has sprung! You’ve probably taken that first walk around your yard to begin preparing your spring yard clean-up or landscape update. Whether you’re trimming hedges and spreading mulch, or adding in an entire new flowerbed, Asheville landscape lighting should be included in your spring landscape plans. Nothing helps you enjoy beautiful mountain summer nights like a little ambient lighting

Spring Landscape Lighting Recommendations

Flower Lighting

The earliest sign of spring is with the blooming of daffodils and Bradford pear trees. Soon after the azaleas, rhododendrons and tulips will explode with color. There is nothing quite like seeing the beautiful color of your spring blooms stealing the show from the stars above. Add landscape lighting and focal lighting to all of your favorite blooms for nighttime enjoyment.

Tree Lighting

As your trees transform from bare winter branches to spring buds and then full greenery you should be able to enjoy them at night as well as during the day. Tree lighting does a few things for your yard. 1.) It anchors everything – allowing one to see the expanse of your entire property. 2.) It adds height among the ground-level landscaping for interest. And 3.) tree lighting adds depth and intrigue with unique shadowing and texture effects once night falls.


While trees and flowers get all the attention, the shrubs that fill your landscape provide the foundation and backdrop for those flowers to pop. They also are a perfect item to illuminate. Whether it is boxwoods lining the house or a bright yellow Forsythia out by the road — landscape lighting on your shrubs is a must!

Landscape Borders and Path Lighting

Landscape borders are utilized to separate the lawn from the landscape or the lawn from driveways and walkways. These borders provide a perfect opportunity for landscape lighting. Depending on your material choice, stone, paver, or otherwise, the border itself might be of interest. And no matter what separates the spaces, highlighting the change is an important nighttime visual cue for anyone enjoying the appearance of or navigating your property at night.

If indeed, landscape renovation is beginning soon and you want to include landscape lighting, call us now. We can work closely with you or your landscape designer to coordinate optimal installation times so we don’t have to disrupt new mulch or new plantings. (864) 475-9200 We also offer a free nighttime demonstration, so you can see your lighting design at your home before you commit.