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Add Value and Appeal to your Asheville Home with Professional Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a cost-effective way to add value to your home and increase appeal when it is time to sell.

Along with benefits such as safety, security, ambiance and curb appeal that you will enjoy from installing landscape lighting at your home, did you know you are also adding value?

House for saleThat is right, Landscape Lighting made the 2018 National Association of Realtors list of top outdoor residential features in their Remodeling Impact Report. Landscape lighting didn’t just make one list, it made TWO lists! Check it out:

Landscape Lighting Attracts Homebuyers

Landscape lighting is #7 in the appeal to buyers list.
When a home has landscape lighting, it adds beautiful nighttime curb appeal. This added beauty and improved first impression can really stick with a buyer.

With such a quick emotional appeal, landscape lighting can shorten the time your home spends on the market dramatically. So much so, we’ve actually had homeowners who were ready to sell, call us to install an outdoor lighting system to stand out amongst the competition and sell fast.

Landscape Lighting Adds Value to Your Home

Landscape lighting is #7 on the projects likely added value to a home for resale list.
Landscape lighting adds value to your home. With benefits like increased safety and security, a buyer can feel peace-of-mind that their new home will be one where they feel safe and comfortable. And with such a strong emphasis on outdoor living spaces, your lighting will wow the new buyer and fill their head with ideas of how they can utilize the space for their family.

The average value recovered from installing a new landscape lighting system is 50%. And with the low investment of adding landscape lighting versus other remodeling projects, it is a great investment in helping your home show beautifully and sells faster.

Enjoy Landscape Lighting Now and When You Sell

But, the real benefits will be yours before you move! 73% of homeowners said, “they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project” and 60% “have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home”.

Whether you are thinking of selling your home in a few months or a few years, you can rest easy knowing that Asheville landscape lighting is a great investment all the way around.

If you’re thinking of adding landscape lighting to beautify your home, increase your enjoyment, or to help you sell your home faster – call today for a design consultation. (864) 475-9200 We look forward to working with you.