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View the Fall Transformation Up Close with Asheville Backyard Lighting

Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer. And while many are excited about pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather approaching, we are eager for the beautiful autumn leaf transformation. The bright reds, burnt oranges, and brilliant yellows transform the landscape and make outdoor living in the cooler fall weather one of the most enjoyable times of the year.

While you can travel around the area to view the peak foliage as it starts at the highest peaks and works its way down to the valleys, there is nothing like watching your own Asheville property transform.

Except maybe adding backyard lighting so you can watch it transform all day and all night!

Asheville Backyard Lighting

Tree Lighting

For the fall foliage, we absolutely recommend adding tree lighting for maximum effect.

Uplighting, sometimes called focal lighting, will put the spotlight on nature’s most colorful show, all season long.

We also love to use moonlighting, a light mounted right in the tree, and shining down. This highlights the leaves from above and creates a magical shadow on the ground, similar to a full moon.

Without the washout from bright sunlight, the colors of your Maples, Oaks, and ornamental trees are truer and more vibrant with LED tree lighting.

Exterior Lighting

Landscape Lighting

The trees near your home are not the only trees worth viewing. If your property is larger or features a wooded area, landscape lighting, and path lighting is a perfect way to enjoy the fall foliage.

Follow the strategically placed landscape lights out to your favorite trees to enjoy the view as the sun is setting.

Patio and Deck Lighting!

There is just something magical about wrapping yourself in a blanket, pouring a cup of coffee and sitting on the deck or patio. And if you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, even better. With the fall transformation, you’re going to want deck lighting, patio lighting, and fire pit lighting to maximize your outdoor lounging area. After all, with those gorgeous colors on your newly illuminated trees, you’re going to want to sit outside to enjoy the scenery well into the dark of night.

Are you ready to maximize every minute of the short and colorful fall season in Asheville? Call us today (864) 475-9200, so we can get your new backyard lighting system designed and installed before peak foliage!