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Daylight Savings Time 2019 Ends Sunday, November 3rd at 2:00 AM - Is Your Landscape Lighting Ready?

Our landscape lighting systems make time changes and the shortening days NBD!

Gone are the days of running around on an early winter Sunday morning, each and every year, manually adjusting every clock, timer, and controller on your property. With digital connections to the National Institute of Standards and Technology – sometimes known as the atomic clock – many time-dependent devices keep themselves set. Like your cellphone and computer, you can wake up the morning after Daylight Savings Time ends (November 3, 2019) and you will have the right time and can go about your day – even if it is a loooooong one.

Landscape Lighting Automation

Sometimes, after the time change, homeowners may over-look their outdoor systems such as lighting and irrigation. In the past, those systems required you manually update the time and even adjust the schedule based on the earlier sunset and later sunrise. Not when you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina!

Our systems have a myriad of options for automating the time and schedule.

First, there is the time. Without lighting automation, your system will think it is 6 pm when it is really 5 pm. This throws your entire schedule off and can leave you in the dark.

Second, there is the schedule you want your lights to keep. Most homeowners want them on at dusk. Well, dusk is a moving target! Our systems include automatic scheduling to run your chosen number of hours from dusk until the time runs out. So, when the time changes in the fall and spring, not only will your system know the correct time, but as the days slowly get shorter or longer, the lights will come on when they should.

Easy Manual Overrides
Our lighting automation systems feature a variety of smartphone apps for controlling the system and/or universal remotes for you to change your light schedule manually, and easily! If you have Google Home or an Amazon Echo, we can even connect your lights to them for voice control and connecting to your central smartphone app. During your free nighttime demonstration, we’ll discuss the options for your outdoor lighting automation and work with you to find the perfect solution for your existing devices!

If you’re ready install smart landscape lighitng or upgrade your existing system, give us a call today for a design consultation. We look forward to working with you! (864) 475-9200