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Asheville Landscape Lighting is an Efficient Way to Transform Your Backyard into the Staycation of Your Dreams

patio lighting for a backyard retreat Think about the specific details of your favorite vacation spots. What are the design details that make it so magical? Is it really all the amenities? You can have a pool in your backyard, what makes the pool at the resort so great? You enjoy a craft beer, delicious cocktails, and gourmet food at home – is it really those items, or is it about the setting? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC, we are in the business of making delightful nighttime scenes for every Asheville homeowner with customized outdoor lighting systems.

Check out the most popular ways to create the magic of your favorite resort at home:

Festive Market Lighting

The nightlife at your favorite vacation destination is likely highlighted by some party lighting. Whether market lighting is strung over your favorite restaurant dining area or over the dance floor for the after-party, one thing is for sure – these lights create instant fun. At home, you can enjoy our designer installation and a five-year warranty, and we’ll hang the gorgeous market lights over your ideal outdoor entertaining space.

Intricate Shadows

backyard patio lighting
A leisurely stroll around a resort at night provides subtle lighting for visibility. Often, you barely notice the lights hiding behind a landscape wall, flower bed, or tropical plant. These perfectly design lights create gorgeous shadows and intricate silhouettes that are often a bigger part of achieving the ambiance than the light. Our expert lighting designers will take stock of your landscape design and features to provide amazing results.

Smart Systems with Easy Controls

Part of the beauty of vacation is not having to worry about a thing. At home, you can make the lighting even easier than ever with smart systems. Our automated smart lighting systems allow you to control the lights from smartphones and computers and are easier to program than ever before. With a quick touch of your screen, you can turn off some lights, turn others on, and some systems are even dimmable.

Entertaining Space

Decks, patios, pools, and fire features are the best place to unwind, relax, and escape the real-world right in your own backyard. Our team is highly skilled in creating gorgeous lighting systems to integrate with all these features that will look like they were there all along. The soft ambiance around the bottom of a stone wall, the subtle under-rail deck light, stair riser lights, and more – we have your outdoor living space covered for a cool vibe and better functionality.

If you’re ready to create an amazing staycation in your backyard, call our team today. We’ll schedule a FREE nighttime demonstration at your home so you can see the light before you buy the light.