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How One Versatile and Beloved Landscape Lighting Fixture Can Transform Your Asheville Property

When you come home at night and your front yard is nothing but dark and dreary, do you ever feel unmotivated to walk to your own front door because it’s so dark? If this sounds like you, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has an easy solution that can transform your Asheville property – pathway lighting. There are dozens of ways we can illuminate the walkway to your front door and make your walk to your front door warm and welcoming. Explore some of our favorite ways to illuminate your Asheville property.

Path Lights Hidden in Plantslandscape and tree lighting

If you have a lot of plants alongside your pathway, why not hide some lights in them? Our professional outdoor lighting installers can find the perfect outdoor lights to accentuate your beautiful plants while illuminating your pathway at the same time. If you don’t have any plants that run alongside your pathway, maybe this is the perfect excuse to plant some. Imagine how beautiful it would look to walk alongside a pathway framed with glowing flowers at night. If you also have trees nearby your pathway, we can add uplighting towards the tress or downlighting from the top of the trees to brighten up your pathway and accentuate your trees.

Asheville Path Lighting Along a Fence

If you have a fence that runs alongside your pathway, we can add path lighting to the fence instead of on the ground near the path. We can add string lighting alongside your fence for a fun and festive feel or attach lights to the fence for a modern and clean approach.

Cute and Classy Path Asheville Path Lightingcopper landscape lighting fixture

Another option for path lights at your home is a classic approach. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have some of the finest lighting fixtures you can choose from. Not only do they have lifetime warranties, but they look amazing. If you’re going for a classy feel at your home, we highly recommend small little lanterns spaced evenly alongside your pathway to brighten every space up just enough to feel welcoming at night. Best of all, our small lights will complement your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville and Western North Carolina, we offer the best path lights with a customized expert design. We look forward to making your outdoor living spaces a relaxing or fun retreat for every night’s outdoor occasion. Call today to schedule a design consultation.