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Ambiance, Beauty and Curb Appeal with Wilmington’s Best Landscape Lighting

Would you love to be the neighbor with the home that everyone else looks to for inspiration and beauty? Are you constantly raising the bar, motivating the whole neighborhood to get outside and work on their homes and yards? Landscape lighting will make you the envy of your neighborhood with the ambiance and beauty it creates around your home and property.  When a neighbor is contemplating how to set up his flower beds or where to plant trees he will think of you. With your perfectly placed landscape lighting he can’t forget your showcase landscape design, even when the sun goes down.

Besides making your neighbors jealous, outdoor lighting has many benefits

Increase the value of your home and property with curb appeal and function. When spending money towards home improvements it is crucial to choose projects that not only make it a home for you and your family, but that also make smart investment sense. Landscape lighting is a definite value add for North Carolina homes. With our outstanding climate and long summer season it would be a shame not to make the outdoor spaces around your home part of the living space. With landscape lighting you can highlight your patio or pool while featuring the beautiful landscape design and foliage.

Add safety and security with landscape lighting around the front and sides of your home. It is no secret that a well-lit house deters break-ins. Give would-be burglars a clear sign that there is no place to hide with landscape lights in all the right places. The same lights will pull double duty by increasing safety as you navigate your landscape after dark. If you’re taking the garbage out at night, or coming in late from a movie it can be quite easy to trip and fall in the pitch black. Your landscape lighting can be used to illuminate the walkways around your home, making navigation at night a breeze.

Creative custom options for illuminating your landscaping

There is no single solution for every home’s outdoor landscape lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington will work with you to create a custom solution based on your home’s unique landscape. Types of lighting to consider:

  • Uplighting for your favorite ornamental crape or palm trees.

  • Path lights for that gorgeous stone pathway, illuminating the garden beds of impatiens and petunias that line its edges.

  • Garden lighting to bring to life the vibrant white, pinks, and yellows of your patiently tended gardenias and lantanas.

  • Sculpture lighting to highlight the magic of a perfectly placed water fountain.

With custom landscape lighting we’ll make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn more about getting started. You can reach us by phone at (910) 356-8203.