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Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction: A Life Long Relationship with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington

Working with us for your Wilmington outdoor lighting installation, upgrade, repair or maintenance is like working with that trusted older brother who always pulls through for you. We are not just in the business of outdoor lighting, but we’re in the business of illuminating your life. While many landscapers are offering to install outdoor lighting and you can even try to do it yourself, what you get with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is top quality products, outdoor lighting expertise and genuine customer care. Outdoor lighting is all we do, making us your trusted best choice. And when the landscaper who installed your lights won’t call you back, we’re here to troubleshoot, locate any issues and make adjustments to ensure your lights are running properly.

Repair  Outdoor Lighting Damages

Yes, we design & install gorgeous Wilmington outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses. But we also repair damages – as they do absolutely happen for many reasons. Whether a line gets cut during landscaping, an animal chews through it or a light gets broken from an errant lawn mower or a stray football, we are here to help. For example we recently fielded a call from an irrigation professional who had cut a wire. We worked with the irrigation company and the homeowner to come out to the house, repair the line and get the lights back on as quickly as possible.

Troubleshoot Unknown Issues & Change out Bulbs

When outdoor lighting systems are not working, there are many factors that can cause the problem. From lines being cut, to transformers shorting out and even timers on the fritz. Whether or not we installed your system, we are your best choice in Wilmington for outdoor lighting inspection and repairs. We are currently working with a client who has a timer on her outdoor lighting system that we did not install, that is malfunctioning. When we got out to her Hampstead home, we discovered that the timer itself is defective and simply needs to be replaced.

Fix Botched Lighting Installations

While we of course would love for everyone in Wilmington to call us for their outdoor lighting installation, we know that it is just not realistic. But regardless of who you chose to have install your lighting, you can always call us if there is an issue. A  new client of ours just had a whole new system installed by a landscaper. The LED outdoor lighting system was installed incorrectly and left the customer unsatisfied. The electrical lines were only buried about ½” deep, the fixtures are low quality, lights are sporadically working and some are brighter than others. There are many working parts in an outdoor lighting system, lines have a maximum voltage, transformers have a maximum voltage and the person installing needs to be knowledgeable on all of these facts. The worst part is, the landscaper who installed the system was a no-show for an appointment to address the issue. We have given the homeowner a proposal to re-do the whole system. While we could balance out the current system with more lines and transformers – we can’t guarantee the low quality fixtures will perform any better.

“I would highly recommend Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for your lighting needs. I have used OLP in several lighting projects and through their insightful creativity, their expertise and knowledge of their products, it seems that I have always gotten maximization lighting and at a low or very reasonable cost!”

We hate to see unsatisfied customers & outdoor lighting systems sitting in the dark, not functioning. No matter what your outdoor lighting needs are, you can call us. We won’t quit until you are satisfied with your lighting. We’ll be here today, tomorrow and years down the road should any issues arise with your system. Call today for a free consultation at (910) 356-8203. Or check out our Wilmington Outdoor Lighting website.