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Live the Easy Life with Professional Christmas Light Installation

The holiday season is crazy busy with long to-do lists. Outdoor lighting is one of the most time consuming holiday tasks a home or business owner can endure. With your time being so valuable, especially during the holiday rush, let us handle the outdoor holiday decorations while you keep your business or home running smoothly.

The top three reasons you should hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to hang your outdoor Christmas lights:

Time is Precious

There is not a more important unrenewable resource in this world than time. Time goes by fast and with each passing minute, hour, week, month and year time passes exponentially faster. You take great care in life to make sure your time is used for the most important tasks, only tackling the less important when everything else is taken care of. Don’t waste a second of your life trying to untangle lights, digging out tubs of last years led string lights or trying to find which bulb in your animated reindeer is out. Let us handle all of your outdoor Christmas lighting, from installation, take down and storage. The only time you’ll need to spend on it is a minute to call us and a few minutes to show us what you want. Piece of cake. (No fruit cake please.)

Trees with Christmas lights

Design Skills

Your home is a masterpiece. You love to show off the exterior design and the perfectly kept landscape. You hire a lawn service to keep the weeds at bay, you spend the weekend weeding the flower beds and every time there is a repair needed, you call the right person. When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations, most people think the design aspect is a no brainer. You are thinking winter wonderland but when you step back the results look more like someone shot string lights out of a t-shirt cannon and they happened to land in your trees. Let us handle creating an elegant, just right winter wonderland in your yard for the holidays. With outdoor Christmas wreaths, garland and roofline LED C9 lights we can create a classic look that will knock your socks off.

House with Christmas lights


If you’re going to tackle the task of hanging outdoor holiday decorations, you’re going to do it right. That means climbing a ladder to hang the icicle lights on the roofline. That means climbing a ladder to string your led Christmas lights around the top of your favorite front yard trees. That may even mean climbing said trees to really get the job done. All of this is great fun, except, it is very dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 12,500 people per year visit the ER with injuries related to hanging their holiday decorations. Injuries caused by falls, cuts and electric shocks. Our highly trained professionals can get your outdoor holiday decorations installed with no incidence while you relax inside and drink a warm cup of coffee.

Palm Tree with Christmas lights

Now is the time to schedule your professional outdoor Christmas decorations installation. We install residential and commercial lights alike. Take 10% off any lighting holiday system when you schedule by Halloween. Call today for your free consultation. (910) 356-8203