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Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington During the Design Phase for Your New Pool, Deck or Patio

As spring in Wilmington approaches, many homeowners are beginning the design phase of their outdoor living projects. Whether you’re building a deck, patio or pool or bringing in a landscaping company to redesign your flower beds, call us now, before the design is done and the digging begins.

Deck & Landscape Lighting

From big to small, intricate to simple, whatever your spring outdoor home improvement project is, call us now so we can design your outdoor lighting system to fit the new space perfectly. If you’re in need of deck lighting for your new deck, we may need to install electrical lines before footers are placed. If your landscaper is doing a large project to upgrade your flower beds or installing new irrigation, we need to get our lines in beforehand. Collaborating with the landscaper in the design phase ensures that 1. We don’t later damage the lovely work they’ve done and 2. They don’t damage the lines we run.

Wilmington Pool Lighting Installation

If your pool construction includes a large concrete or paver patio, it can be extremely difficult to install pool lights after the fact. If you’re having a new pool or patio installed, we can work with your construction crew to install electrical lines and lights at optimal times during the construction phase to avoid later excavation or unnecessarily long electrical lines. When using pavers and tiles in pool and patio construction, placing electrical lines under the patio pavers could be the optimal location. We can place lights within the wall of the pool as the mason is laying the bricks if we are included in the design phase. If your design features an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or retaining wall, we can install LED lights under the capstone, before the crew places it, for optimal design and performance.

Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Installation

We’ll work hand in hand with your construction foreman to run our electrical lines at the ideal time. It is imperative that you call us early in the process to make sure you’re on our schedule for installation when it fits the construction time line best. And the best part of all, when the construction is done, it is done. We won’t have to come back and pull up any work the construction crews did, put in wire, and place things back. You’ll be enjoying your outdoor living space much sooner by including us in the process now.

Visit or call today for a free design consultation and complimentary Wilmington outdoor lighting nighttime demonstration. 910-342-0040