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Wilmington Professional Retail Christmas Lighting Enhances the Giving Spirit

Christmas lighting is essential for every business in Wilmington but is a vital proponent of maximizing fourth quarter sales for local retailers and the accompanying hospitality and restaurants that serve busy holiday shoppers. We are pleased to offer full-service commercial Christmas lighting to area businesses who want professionally designed, commercial-grade, outdoor Christmas lighting.

Oleander Pointe Christmas Lighting

We recently had the honor of illuminating Oleander Pointe (the Toys R’ Us Shopping Center) at Oleander and College Road, right here in Wilmington. The LED C9 roofline lights are a perfect example of the festive cheer achieved with classic white Christmas lights. With a trio of wreaths on the facade of the roof peaks at the center of the plaza, the festive Christmas spirit is felt day or night.

By creating holiday cheer for all of the stores in this retail complex, the owners help each business maximize the generous gift-giving spirit. As shoppers hear the holiday music, see the greenery, the Christmas lights, and all the decorations, they are transformed to their childhoods when the magic seeds of Christmas were planted. With the nostalgic feelings flowing, they’ll be likely to shop more generously and spend more money. While the holidays are about much more than gift-giving, retail relies heavily on the holiday season to reach annual sales goals. A little extra effort in creating a fun, cheerful, festive, holiday mood can make all the difference.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, lighting is all we do. Our professional Christmas lighting services include expert design, top-quality LED lights, meticulous installation, take-down, and summer storage. If you’re ready to maximize your business's fourth-quarter sales, call us today to get started for next year! (910) 356-8203

Merry Christmas!