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Wilmington Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation: Timing is Everything!

With spring arriving soon, Wilmington construction crews are busy building new commercial spaces and renovating existing projects to prepare for the busy summer season. Whether you are giving your Wilmington area commercial property a facelift, a few upgrades or it is an entirely new building site – adding outdoor lighting is a sure-fire way to make the most out of the gorgeous summer nights in coastal Carolina.

Tourist Preparation

Man installing lightingTourists visit the area for the sun, sand, surf and outdoor activities. When they choose a hotel to stay at, a beach house to rent, a restaurant to dine at or spot for evening drinks, they want to be able to be on vacation all day and night! Outdoor lighting is the best way to give them the ambiance and vacation feeling they require.

Outdoor Lighting Design & Planning

Adding top quality and well-designed outdoor lighting takes some planning and preparation. Make sure you call us today, during planning and construction phases so we can work within your construction schedule to bury lines and install fixtures at optimal intervals. For instance, if you’re building a gorgeous stacked stone sign (as seen above) we can place wiring within the concrete blocks before the stone is applied. If you want lights between layers of stone, we can set fixture mounts as the stone is being laid.

Wilmington Commercial Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Then, we can await your landscaper to come in and place all the plants and shrubbery, or the sign company to apply plaques and signs before we install and adjust the fixtures themselves. This process allows for a few things: 1. The most beautiful lighting possible, as we create the lighting design with the individual elements in mind. 2. A more concise process, saving you money as we limit the risk of damaged lines and fixtures by placing them after digging is done. 3. Limited effects on your signs, structures, and finishing touches as we pre-prep the site.

Not sure how your business could benefit from outdoor lighting? We have a few ideas:

  1. Illuminate signage for better visibility.

  2. Highlight walkways and stairs for safety.

  3. Create a memorable outdoor patio for lounging, dining, and drinking after the sun sets.Lighting on neighborhood entry

If your Wilmington business or commercial property could use a nighttime revival, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a free nighttime demonstration. (910) 356-8203 We serve Southport, Oak Island and all of the North Carolina coastal communities.