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Switching your Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Timer to LCA will give you more time for R&R!

How much time did you spend this past weekend resetting your outdoor lighting timer to correspond with the arrival of daylight savings time (DST)? Was it 30 minutes? An hour? Or maybe you couldn’t locate your manual, and your lights are still an hour ahead of schedule?

Chances are if you are still using an antiquated manual timer you spent precious R&R time programming instead of relaxing. If you were using one of our LCA timers, you wouldn’t have spent one second of your precious downtime fiddling with because our timers utilize set it & forget it technology!

LCA stands for Lighting Control Automation. LCA timers are super smart as they are able to automatically change themselves to accommodate the arrival and departure of DST. Best of all they are easy to use, setting them once and forgetting about ever having to do it again!

Lighting timer

Our LCA timers use a GPS via satellite to pinpoint where your home is so it knows what hours it needs to turn your outdoor illumination system on, and off, with zero programming on your part. Just tell LCA where you live, and that’s it. These timers have all the simple automatic features of an astronomical timer, but it’s the next step up in terms of being able to also control your indoor lighting too…

LCA offers more flexibility to regulate goodies like your appliances, HVAC system and even your TV all through your computer, a mobile device or even through Bluetooth. You can set things to turn on and off at various times, so it always appears that someone is home. It’s the perfect solution if you have a beach vacation home in Oak Island, Carolina Beach, Southport or other NC coastal community, as it can easily be programmed to give your property the appearance of someone always being home. Having the luxury of lights on indoors and out turning on at random times makes your home appear lived in and gives you extra security. Best of all, you don’t even have to be home to control any of these facets that an LCA timer offers.

Exterior House Lighting

An LCA timer also automatically adjusts to naturally occurring seasonal changes of daylight to dark. They are so effective at providing you the right amount of lighting at the right time, you may forget about DST all together!

Don’t spend another weekend sacrificing your R&R, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn more about all the benefits of Lighting Control Automation (LCA), you can reach us at (910) 356-8203.
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