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Smart Lighting Controllers for Wilmington Landscape Lighting Make Smart Homes Available for the Masses

You may have seen it in the movies; a suave 007 type quickly creates a romantic scene in his home. With the flip of a switch on a single remote the fire flicks on, the lights dim, and a love song is playing on the radio. For years, smart homes were accessible to only the wealthiest, but with advances in today’s Bluetooth and wireless technologies, we see the advancement and subsequent lower cost of smart systems that can run virtually everything in your house from a smartphone app.

You may be using an app to control your televisions and thermostats, but did you know that you can now control your landscape lighting system from your phone? We’ve long had lighting control automation for your Wilmington landscape lights to account for daylight savings and the change of the seasons, but the technology allowing you to control it from your phone has finally hit its stride.

Smart Landscape Lighting Controller

Our fully automated landscape lighting controller allows you to control your lighting schedule, turn lights on and off, and dim lights from your phone while at home or away. Create and save custom schedules you can reuse when needed. For instance, set a vacation schedule to create the appearance you are at home when you are traveling. Or create a custom schedule for your holiday lighting that you can reuse each year without recreating it.

Using a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi, this technology allows you to control not just your landscape lighting, but you can automate your whole house. With easy to install in-wall switches, you can control any indoor light or appliance that plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

Smartphone App

The smartphone app is easy to use and system set up is a breeze. The best part is, the app is available on Android and iPhone, making smart landscape lighting available to everyone. As the technology grows and improves, new features will become available soon. For instance, setting separate schedules and manually controlling different zones is in the works.

For the best lighting control for your Wilmington outdoor lighting and beyond, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today! (910) 356-8203 We can upgrade your current system or design and install a new LED landscape lighting system for your home or business.