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A Brilliant Alternative Christmas Lighting Idea for Your Home

Are you tired of the annual tradition of pulling out ladders, untangling lights, and spending an entire weekend decorating the outside of your Brunswick County home for Christmas? If you’re open to an alternative method of displaying your holiday spirit, we have a stunning and permanent idea for you to consider. Color-changing RGB LED landscape lighting allows you to enjoy year-round outdoor lighting with the ability to transform your property with festive spirit for any occasion.

Landscape and Christmas Lighting in One

Imagine this, with RGB color-changing landscape lighting you’ll enjoy a festive green and red Christmas display on your property. Lights can be adjusted to highlight wreaths in your windows and other holiday decorations too. Many like this idea for the modern sophisticated look that is more subtle than string lights. And when Christmas has passed, you change the color of your lighting to a neutral warm white with just a touch of a button, for the rest of the year.

Colorful Outdoor Lighting for Every Occasion

Don’t want to stick with classic white lighting? Try blue to support the Panthers on game day or red for NC State or another color for your favorite team. You can so easily change your colors you might just get into a war with your spouse and the remote if you happen to live in a divided household.

Celebrating a special occasion or hosting a charity event? Pink for breast cancer, teal for ovarian, purple for Alzheimer’s; whatever your passion you can display it in your yard to spread awareness and share the love you have in your heart. With Brunswick County RGB LED color-changing landscape lighting you can enjoy whatever color scheme you’d like for any reason, all year long.

Holiday Landscape Lighting

Wilmington ownerIf you love showing the festive spirit for Christmas, chances are you’d like to do it for other holidays too. Think orange and black for Halloween, pink for Valentine’s Day, green for the Luck O’ the Irish in March or patriotic Red, White or Blue for the Fourth of July. Whatever holidays you celebrate, begin sharing the magic with the flip of a switch to transform your landscape lighting with RGB LED lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Call today to learn more. (910) 356-8203