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Post-Hurricane Outdoor Lighting Troubleshooting

While we pride ourselves in installing the best LED outdoor lighting that can withstand flood waters and take a few hits from debris, inevitably, hurricanes can disrupt your outdoor lighting system. After a hurricane or tropical storm, fallen trees, floods, and other storm damage can affect your outdoor lighting system functionally and aesthetically. So, what should you do to protect your outdoor lighting system after a hurricane?


  1. When the power is still out, you can call us to check your system before electricity is restored. This inspection can prevent shorts and other mishaps when the power is fired back up!
  2. If your outdoor lighting system is back on, take a walk around the property as soon as you can at night. Make sure each light is still working. Make note of anything that is not.
  3. Consider an annual maintenance plan to keep your system in tip-top shape no matter what the weather brings.
  4. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington for a system check-up and adjustment to get everything back to looking and functioning like new. (910) 356-8203

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