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Wilmington Backyard Lighting Will Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle and At-Home Entertaining Credibility

Seven Slick Ideas for the Best Backyard Lighting on the Carolina Coast

Party Lights

Overhead string lighting has become a must-have backyard lighting feature. Perfect for entertaining, the large, round bulbs hanging above, create an instant-party but are also appropriate for a relaxing evening alone. Market lighting installed by the pros at OLP is custom strung and has a five-year warranty.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Accent lighting for your deck or patio ads visibility for nighttime use. With stair riser lights, hardscape lights, and the beloved half-moon post light you’re most utilized backyard space can be enjoyed after sunset.

Path Lighting

Whether it is a sidewalk coming around from the front of your home, or a path leading down to the swimming pool, path lighting will guide the way. Without path lighting, venturing out into the yard would be a scary hazard in the dark.

Focal Lighting

For your most beloved accessories or landscape features. Pond? Statue? Fountain? Palm tree? Focal lighting is a great way to identify and highlight the superstars of your backyard space.

Sconce LightingSconces or lanterns

Home, fences, walls, posts, and out-buildings deserve light too. We offer gorgeous sconce lights or lanterns for illuminating your vertical features. In the picture to the right, you can see our up/down sconce utilizes the pillars under this raised beach house to add lighting for easy visibility and enjoyment of the space at night.

Say NO to Security Lighting

No need to add a glaring floodlight. With subtle landscape lighting around your entire backyard, the security is built-in. When you choose the experts at OLP of Wilmington, you can count on our design experience to find and eliminate all the darkest corners where would-be prowlers could lurk. We will add dazzling but subtle lighting, so there are no creepy shadows and NO blinding floodlights.

Upgrade your existing backyard lighting to LED for 80% savings and 10x longer lamp life.

Your backyard lighting might already be doing a fantastic job at extending the functional hours of your property. But how much energy are you using? We can retrofit most outdoor lighting systems to LED. You’ll enjoy 80% less energy use, a lower electric bill, and bulbs that last for years (10 times longer than Halogen).

Adding outdoor lighting to your home can often be centered around creating gorgeous curb appeal in the front yard. Don’t forget the backyard, where you live the most. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration to see for yourself what backyard lighting can do for your home. (910) 356-8203