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Can Outdoor Lights Get Wet?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we get many technical questions about our landscape lights, transformers, timers, and related equipment. There is no question too big or question too small when it comes to understanding your outdoor lighting system and how to take good care of it. With irregular weather patterns and propensity for flooding in the area, one question continues to rise to the top regularly. “Can my outdoor lights get wet?”

While it may seem to be an obvious “yes” – it is a very valid question when it pertains to the durability of our LED landscape lights during weather events such as hurricanes and floods.

We Use IP65 Rated LED Landscape Lights in Most Cases

There are a variety of factors involved in the durability of your landscape lights against water penetration. In earlier days of LED, the lamp itself used to be unencapsulated, exposing it to potential risk from rain, water, dust, salt, and other outside factors. Choosing encapsulated LED lamps was a priority for using in areas where there is a water feature, sprinkler, or near the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean. With the cost of encapsulation coming down, encapsulated outdoor LED lamps have become a standard. While weather protection is the main point of LED encapsulation, it also provides more durability against vibration, impact, and temperature swings.

An encapsulated LED lamp is not always submersible, which is why we have IP ratings.

What outdoor lights can withstand water submersion?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we’ve always adopted the latest LED lighting technology and the most durable fixtures and lamps. For outdoor use it is important lights can withstand a variety of factors such as kids, pets, weather, lawn, and landscape care, and more! Lights are rated by “Ingress Protection”. Also known as IP.

We almost always use IP65 rated lights.

What does IP65 mean?

Ingress Protection ratings are on a scale using two numbers.

The first number designates the durability of the light against solid objects, from 0-6. A rating of 6 is the best rating a light can have and means it is dust-tight. Meaning no dust can get in.

The second number is the level of protection against water. On a scale of 0-8, 8 being watertight against immersion for long periods up to 4 meters deep, and 0 being NO protection against water. Our IP65 lights are good for protection against powerful water jets hitting them at any angle. They are perfect for landscapes for withstanding rain and irrigation systems and some light flooding. Levels 6-8 would be utilized for under-water and for areas prone to regular flooding.

As encapsulation technology continues to improve and manufacturing water-tight lighting fixtures continue to be more economical, the landscape lighting we use will continue to become even more durable to the elements. If your property floods and your electricity goes out due to a storm, we encourage you to call us before flipping your outdoor lighting system back on. We can check the system and fixtures to make sure no electrical components short out causing potential damage when the switch is flipped.

If you have an area that needs lighting, but you are uncertain about the possibilities due to water, give us a call today to discuss the options. (910) 356-8203

IP Rating Scale