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Pergola Lighting Ideas to Maximize the Beauty and Function of Your Favorite Outdoor Living Area

Professional Wilmington Pergola Lighting is an Excellent Way to Show Off Your Beautiful Pergola After Dark

patio lighitngThe trend towards outfitting outdoor living spaces to be more comfortable and more functional is in full effect. For this very reason, pergolas are growing in popularity. In Wilmington, the most significant benefit is the partial shade pergolas provide to outdoor living spaces. With the addition of fabric or vines, it can even provide full shade to protect you from the hot summer sun. Pergolas are beloved for their arts and crafts charm and their ability to visually separate spaces within a backyard. While the initial addition of a pergola to the backyard might be for daytime benefits, it certainly deserves to shine at night. Check out the options for Wilmington pergola lighting.

Wilmington Pergola Lighting Ideas

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we create customized outdoor lighting designs, including various options for pergola lighting. Keep in mind that pergola lighting can be low-voltage or line voltage for flexible functionality.

Overhead Outdoor String Lighting

outdoor lightingPergolas provide a lovely place to hang the much beloved and ever-popular LED string lighting. Whether you call them bistro, café, or festive lights, a pergola plays the perfect host. Our team offers a variety of design choices to fit your needs. For clear visibility as well as ambiance, you may want them strung along every pergola rafter. For a more subtle glow, just the perimeter. Or maybe something more stylish and fancy with diagonal designs to wow your friends. In any case, our string lights come with a 5-year warranty and are custom-strung for exactly needed lengths.

Pergola Task Lighting

If you’ve positioned your pergola over an outdoor kitchen, grill, tiki bar, or dining table, you may benefit from more focused task lighting. We offer a variety of styles, from traditional downlights that hide in the rafters to sourcing decorative pendant lighting. Our team will work closely with you to give you the style and lighting results you desire. We can even add a switch for task lighting. This is great for added flexibility, so the lights can only be on when you need them or even dimmed if you only need a soft glow when not cooking.

Focal Lighting

Uplighting the gorgeous columns of a pergola is a fabulous way to subtly highlight the beautiful craftsmanship. You’ll enjoy a variety of gorgeous shadows as the light dances off the decorative rafters and beams. Depending on the style of your pergola, we may discover some very specific customized lighting to highlight the unique style. For instance, a pergola with very modern or decorative columns might benefit from specialized techniques or fixtures to make them glow from within or all around. Sourcing specialty lights such as sconces and chandeliers for your pergola are also an option.

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Free Nighttime Demonstration and Design Consultation

Do you love your pergola? Well, it is time to enjoy it after sunset too! Call our team today to schedule your at-home, complimentary, nighttime design demonstration. We are sure pergola lighting will make you love your pergola even more!