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Are you Looking for Outdoor Lights that Use Oil Too? Our Tiki Lights Provide the Ambiance of a Flame with the Practicality of a Path Light to Give You the Best of Both

LED tiki torch lights add to the tropical vibe of any Wilmington area yard

Wilmington outdoor lighting is more often than not about setting a scene. A scene to enjoy gorgeous nights on the patio, around the pool, near the fire pit, or over-looking the Intracoastal waterway. With professional landscape lighting, you can enhance the vibe you’re going for, no matter what style you choose. For those who love the tropical beach theme that is so popular, our new tiki lights offer a unique combination of form and function that will blow your mind.

LED torch ligthing

Light your Light

Our brass tiki lights feature both an LED path light and a citronella tank and wick for the tiki torch effect.

torch fixture The path light hood washes the LED light down on the path for superb visibility. While the wick on top produces the famous tiki vibe, reminiscent of your beloved Hawaiian vacation.

AND! You can use the flame or the LED light. Or Both!

The beauty of the design is that it not only recreates the traditional tiki-look, but the hood on the light ensures that the LED light doesn’t take away from the beauty of the flame. By separating the two light sources with a solid piece of brass, both get to be the stars of the show.

The lights can be installed on 10, 18, or 60-inch stems, allowing for customization of their height to meet your needs. Sitting taller than a traditional path light, you’ll enjoy a soft illumination that spreads out further along your path.

Add citronella to the easy-to-access tank and light your light for a magical evening (with fewer mosquitoes) any day of the week.

Tiki Torch Lighting Ideas

outdoor torch lighting Our brass tiki torch LED lights are perfect for any part of your property – only limited by your imagination. However, we have a few favorite designs that stick out and might spark your creativity.

Add a soft glow all around your fire pit area to enhance the fire effect, provide a guiding light, and keep the bugs away.

Line the path to and from the water. If you’re on the Intracoastal, the beach, or another body of water, these path lights are a creative way to illuminate the path to and from the waterfront.

There is nothing worse than climbing out of your pool after a night swim only to have the mosquitoes swarm. Add a fun vibe, a gentle light, and chase away the mosquitoes by surrounding your pool and patio with these gorgeous multi-functional outdoor lights.

If you’re ready to add tropical fun and light to your property, call our team today to schedule a FREE nighttime demonstration. We create a custom outdoor lighting design for your property that can include tiki lights and other fun and functional LED fixtures.