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Custom Wilmington Beach House Outdoor Lighting Solutions by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we provide stunning outdoor lighting and landscape lighting for homes and businesses up and down the North Carolina coast. While there are popular types of lighting for many homes, beach houses often feature unique amenities that inland homes do not. “Unique” is practically in our name as we offer customized outdoor lighting design for even the most extraordinary properties.

Beachside homes in Wrightsville, North Topsail, and all the way to Ocean Isle may feature long boardwalks to the water, might be on stilts, and most certainly have an outdoor shower area. All of these outdoor areas could use outdoor lighting to increase safety and security while improving nighttime function.

Beach House Custom Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Showers

Spending time on the beach under the moon and stars is a brilliant way to take in the crashing waves and the fresh sea air. Your outdoor shower is not only for daytime use. We can install lighting for your outdoor shower that works for you. A focal light on a switch or some subtle accent lighting all around – we’ll work closely with you so you can rinse the sand off even after dark.

Under Home Lighting

If your beach home is on stilts, the patio space underneath can be an invaluable outdoor entertaining space. Many feature lounge furniture, hammocks, outdoor kitchens, and games such as ping pong and billiards. With custom under-house lighting, you can make your patio space the place to be after dark.

beach boardwalk lighting in Wilmington, North CarolinaBoardwalk Lights and Stair Riser Lights

The boardwalk is your path to the sand and water. Protecting the dunes by staying on the path is vital, and that applies to nighttime walks on the beach as much as daytime sun-bathing. With your choice of under-railing lighting, stair riser lights, and more – you can find your way to and from the beach with ease after sunset.

Fire Feature Lighting

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a perfect place to congregate with family and friends. We offer custom lighting for your fire feature so you can see more than just the flickering flames without a blinding spotlight.

Picture a subtle wash of light down the chimney shining on the mantle. Maybe some hardscape lights under the mantle or hearth or in the bottom row of your fire pit stones. These accent lights will help you keep the fire going or get it started again if the embers begin to cool.

Grill Lighting

Where is your outdoor cooking space? Do you have a grill on the deck? A grill that is most often used after dark as you venture back to the house for food at sunset? We love to illuminate grills for easier outdoor cooking. If your grill is on an open deck, we can downlight it from the soffits of the house. If your grill is under a pergola, pavilion, or porch roof, we have fantastic pendant lighting for task lights that will assist in taking your chef skills to the next level.

No matter what amazing outdoor amenities your beach house features – we have the lighting to make it all work day or night seamlessly. Call today for a free nighttime design demonstration.