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Spring Landscape Lighting Maintenance Checklist

After a long winter that felt like it drudged on forever, we are excited to say spring is here. Spring is our favorite season in Wilmington because the flowers begin to bloom, and the weather is beautiful nearly every day. We can finally come out of our cocoons inside and enjoy the wonderful North Carolina weather we love.

As you prepare to enjoy dinners on your back patio or a peaceful glass of wine on the deck, you probably have some yard work to complete. In addition to cleaning up left-over leaf litter, power washing surfaces, cleaning out the fire pit, and dusting off the patio table, there are essential maintenance items.

Check up on all outdoor equipment. Whether it is hosing out your air conditioning unit, checking on your gate opener, or getting your swimming pool prepared, there is much to do. Don’t forget to test your landscape lighting and adjust as needed. As a homeowner, these seasonal landscape lighting checks provide peace-of-mind and prevent any issues caused by a lack of maintenance.

Prepping your landscape lighting is an integral part of spring maintenance for homeowners.

When performing a spring landscape lighting checkup, there are many items to consider.

  • You will want to check all wiring to ensure no animals have chewed through it and the weather has not caused damages.
  • Turn your system on, and make sure all the lights are working.
  • Check the voltage at each light to make sure there are no interruptions in the electrical currents.
  • Visually inspect your transformer; make sure there are no loose wires or anything else amiss.
  • View your lighting design from in the yard to look for any shifted lights, over-growing shrubbery, or other disruptions to your original landscape lighting design.

If you encounter any landscape lighting issues, avoid electrical shock and call the professionals.

If your lighting system shows any signs of needing maintenance, repair, or adjusting, be sure to contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington to assist you. We are here as your go-to for Wilmington landscape lighting and outdoor lighting maintenance so you can be sure your home is safe.

If your system is Halogen – we urge you to consider an LED upgrade.

If you’re in Spring cleaning mode but would like to leave the landscape lighting checkup to the professionals, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. We provide the best landscape lighting on the North Carolina coast.